Disaster and devastation lay in the wake of Typhoon Maring, causing damages and leaving several areas of Luzon under a state of calamity. Of these, probably none felt the wrath of the storm more than the people of Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City.

Aling Marie Lou, a store owner and resident of Bagong Silangan, gave an account of her experience. “Noong kasagsagan, biglang umapaw ‘yong ilog at nagiba ‘yong dingding sa likod ng tindahan”,  she recalls.

A Loyal Son of the Fraternity, Brod Andro Jesus Hipolito Fernandez Φ1991 always makes sure to extend help especially during the months of July to October, when typhoons and calamities abound. Brod Andro, who has been giving aid to our countrymen in need since the Typhoon Ondoy incident, volunteers his time and effort for the people Bagong Silangan, reiterating that the place is among the worst hit places when the rainy season rolls in. Being one of the most impoverished areas in the Philippines, typhoons easily cause the Tumana river in Marikina to overflow easily, leading to massive flooding.  And he taps the whole Fraternity, especially the younger brods, to join his honorable cause.

Barangay public service officers Fortunato Rosales and Ronnie Villoria, as well as the entire community of Bagong Silangan, are grateful for the presence and assistance of the Fraternity especially in times of calamity. With the help of several brods, including Jesus Urbi Socrates Φ1969B and Eugenio Acevedo Picazo Φ1957, the Fraternity was able to build 57 quality houses for several families of the community.

Brod Andro, a former participant of the Doctors to the Barrios program of the government, stressed the importance of developing a heightened sense of social consciousness. “Iba ang gustong tumulong sa talagang tumutulong. Hindi ka dapat mabagal. You have to be swift. At siguraduhin mong nakakatulong ka nga sa mga ginagawa mo.”

Because of the adverse living conditions and number of residents, Barangay Bagong Silangan, has become a political arena for numerous personalities and organizations for various reasons. With no other interest other than that of reaching out, Brod Andro doesn’t do it for the recognition. “The fact na tumutulong ka at hindi ikaw ‘yong may kailangan ng tulong says a lot.” 



Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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