People say that we are only young once; which is why for the adolescents of the Phi Kappa Mu Gawad Kalinga Village in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, it is but everyone’s right to have an enjoyable and fulfilling teenhood. 

January 25, 2014 was a special day for the young residents of Gawad Kalinga Village - Tabora in Tandang Sora, Quezon City for it was that day when they all together jaunted with the brothers of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity in a day dedicated to youth mentoring and healthy lifestyle development. After the turnover of 26 new houses to Phi Kappa Mu Gawad Kalinga Village (as it is now formally recognized) last June, the group has since followed through with regular visits in its goal of helping develop the community into one that is self-sustaining and productive.

At around 10 in the morning, participants were already prepping up in their sportswear while others were choosing their most comfortable casual getup. When everybody was done packing their things, they assembled outside the GK Village for the headcount. The transport service arrived at 10:30 am on the way to the Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC). 

Meanwhile, at the QMC covered court, the brods were already doing warm ups. The participants arrived at the venue at 11 am. With the Senior Guardian of the Temple Mikhail Gopez Amante Φ 2011 at the helm, the games commenced. Junior Guardian of the Temple Jose Nicolo Domingo Antonio Φ 2012 called for a three-on-three game with the members of the youth group. Eventually, Brother Prior Jojiemar Salonga De Pano Φ 2011 and brods Javier Miguel Dela Cruz Cabatan Φ 2012, Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ 2013, Gabriel Liberon Pulido Jazon Φ 2013, and Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas Φ 2013 joined the Phi team to complete the five-versus-five game. Later on, Standard Bearer Clemens Lee Mocorro Sabitsana Φ 2011 and Jasper Paolo Ramos Viloria Φ2013 also played with the team.

The spirited GK youth men’s basketball team gave the brods an exigent game with their quick offenses. Not to be outdone, Phi brods showcased their own skills with the hopes of imparting to their competitors the discipline of sports. The game ended with a warm handshake amongst the competing teams. No scoring was done as it was but a friendly game.

Brods John Vincent Usita Magalong Φ 2013 and Al Joseph Rodriguez Molina Φ 2013 led the volleyball game with a small group of boys and girls in the adjacent court. Brods Gerardo Juan Luis Baroa Manzo Φ 2011 and Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ 2012, both members of the UP College of Medicine varsity team FC Medisina, on the other hand, imparted a few of their skills in football as they coached a group of interested teens. Other members of the youth group who did not join in the games clustered and cheered for their Village’s team instead.


As the games neared to an end, brods in the different groups thanked the youth for their participation. Brod Miko Amante closed the games and invited everyone to a meal. The brods mingled with the youth, shared their stories, and explored the participants’ feelings about the event. The teens gladly shared their insights to the brods. To them, it was one of the happiest recreational activities they have attended.


To the spectators, the event might have seemed like a mini-sports fest. But for the brods and the participating youths, it was more of a moment the strengthened the connection between Phi and the GK Village. Moreover, the Phi Kappa Mu believes that taking part in sports not only improves physical health but also gives a positive impact on the well-being and personality development of the future leaders of our society.


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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