Brod Romy Ariniego '67 (third from left) is accompanied by cardiologist brods Egay Ortiz '72, Monching Abarquez '48 and Jonas Del Rosario '86

The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity is proud of its Loyal Son, Dr. Romeo Pilotin Ariniego, MD, FPCP, FPCC, Φ’67 who was  accorded the Most Distinguished Teacher Award 2013 during the 44th Annual Convention of the Philippine Heart Association last May 29, 2013. This award is given to a member of the Philippine College of Cardiology who has significantly contributed to the field of cardiology through the teaching and mentoring of students at the undergraduate and post-doctoral levels. He joins the ranks of the big names in Philippine cardiology, which include brods Ramon Fabella Abarquez Φ’48 (1983), Conrado Singian Dayrit Φ’38 (1985), Jose M. Barcelona Φ’33 (1986), Luis Manzo Mabilangan Φ’47 (1991), and Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr. Φ’54 (1998).

Brod Romy Ariniego (or ‘Doc RA’, as his students would fondly call him) entered the Fraternity in 1967 and graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine in 1972. He took up fellowship in Cardiology at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden and post-residency training at Lidcombe Hospital in Sydney, Australia. He served as a professor in De La Salle Health Sciences Campus, became the Chief of the Cardiovascular Division of the University Medical Center in 1987, and served as its Medical Director from 1993-1999. He was also a former Dean of the College of Medicine from 2005-2007 and former Vice President of DLS-HSC. Among the awards that he has previously received include the Distinguished Service Award from the Philippine Heart Association, National Lorenzo M. Tañada CHIMES Award from De La Salle Philippines, and the International Health Professional distinction.

A proud brother of the PHI, he is an expected presence in the Fraternity’s gatherings – in PHI riots to celebrate with the brods, or induction balls to welcome new PHIs into the same Fold he became part of almost 50 years ago. He would even occasionally open the doors to his home for the brods to share a bottle of Budweiser or two -- truly an exemplar of the PHI pillars of Excellence and Brotherhood!

Congratulations brod! All for PHI!


he months of April and May have always been highly anticipated by the brothers of the Phi Kappa Mu. To them, this is a time to learn and reach out to different communities through various activities, highlighted by the annual summer medical and surgical missions.

Upbearing the Fraternity’s tradition of Service, the Phi Kappa Mu partnered with the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority in conducting various free medical and surgical missions to various municipalities, which include Antipolo, Cavite, Oriental Mindoro and Aklan among others. Through the leadership of the Fraternity’s Senior Guardian of the Temple Mikhail Gopez Amante Φ 2011 and the Sorority’s Sister Caritas Maria Angela M. Villa Φ 2011, the PHI missions were able to cater to over 2,000 patients during the months of April and May.


Brods and sisses at the "Araw ni Inang" medical mission at Antipolo, c/o Brod JP Mariñas '04B

“Araw ni Inang”, a medical, dental, and surgical mission offered to residents of Antipolo and nearby towns by the Mariñas family in honor of Mrs. Cristina Mariñas, is an annual engagement of both the Fraternity and Sorority. Held last April 13, 2013, the mission succeeded to provide 400 medical and 400 ophthalmologic consultations, almost 300 minor operations, 100 tooth extractions, 70 free pap smear screening and almost 300 vitamin B supplementation. Three cheers to our gracious host Brod John Paul Emerson Serrato Mariñas Φ ‘04B for the successful event!

Surgical missions held in Boracay and Puerto Galera coupled service and learning with rest and recreation for the brods and sisses. The Boracay surgical mission, held this year last May 10-14, 2013, has been graciously hosted by sis Dr. Cristina Alindogan Teotico-Ching Φ ’92 for fifteen years straight since the late 1990s. Surgical missions were held in Barangays Yapak, Manocmanoc and Motag in partnership with Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic and Centro Escolar University Dental Alumni Association for three days. Close to 500 patients were served by the surgical and dental missions. Attending to patients tirelessly during the day, the night presents perfect opportunities for the brods and sisses to unwind and enjoy the island.

Brod Francis Emil Batnag Daytec Φ ’94, SE ’99-’00 hosted this year’s medical mission in Puerto Galera held last May 27-28, 2013. This annual engagement of the Fraternity and Sorority extends medical and surgical assistance to the more distant areas of Luzon.


 PHI in Boracay. Brods and sisses at an annual medical caravan in Boracay sponsored by Sis Girlie Teotico-Ching '92

Medical and surgical missions were also held in Cavite (c/o Brod Joselito Amormio Centeno Jamir Φ ‘69A and the Municipality of Kawit), Quezon City (c/o Brod Jose Jonas Diño Del Rosario Φ ’86), Caloocan (c/o Brod Rommel Fernando Fernando Φ ‘95B), Pateros (c/o Sis Mary Joyce Flores-Medina Φ ’90) and Pasay (c/o The Association of Biology Majors – UP Diliman).

All for PHI!

Rolling fields of green set upon the blue skies above, sunlight racing through the trees that punctuate the serene landscape: such a glorious setting, fit only for a glorious event.

The Great Phi Cup

PHI GOLFThe Great Phi Cup was another of the many successful golf tournaments the Fraternity has organized throughout the years.

A testament to the grandeur of the celebrations for its 80th year, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity once again organized a golf tournament to be enjoyed by brods and golf enthusiasts alike – the great Phi Cup – held at the Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club on the 8th of May 2013. Golfers from all over the Metro came together at the Legends Clubhouse, each looking forward to a day of healthy competition and camaraderie.

At 7 in the morning, things got under way as Brod Jose Joaquin Herrera Arroyo Φ2012 delivered his opening spiel as the members of the audience indulged on complimentary pastries and coffee. The opening invocation, led by Brod Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012, was soon followed by a few words from Brod Jack Domingo Gonzales Arroyo Jr. Φ1979A that set the tone for the day’s festivities. Guests were then asked to proceed to the greens for the ceremonial tee-off. Being the most senior of all brods in attendance, Brod Benito Rances Reverente Jr. Φ1950 took the opening shot, effectively smashing the ball off the tee with a swing that sent it flying to the waiting greens beyond. With that, the tournament was officially under way.

Brod Benny Reverente Brod Toby Abaya

FORE! Brods Benny Reverente '80 (left) and Charlie Lasa '78 (right) displayed their perfect swing in the fairway.

For the next couple of hours, an intensity quite unlike any other took over all 18 holes of the golf course. Each determined to finish at the top of their respective flights, the golfers pounded shot after shot throughout the morning. By the time the last golfer completed all 18 of his holes, an air of uncertainty took over the festivities. There was no clear cut winner. The competition was all up in the air.

Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3

The players enjoyed the company of and the competitiveness in their respective flights.

Lunch was already served by the time the players returned to the clubhouse one flight after another. As the guests were finishing up their meals, Brod Waxx Arroyo took hold of the reins once more for the closing ceremonies. After raffling off various prizes from the organizers and the sponsors, the Vice Superior Exemplar, Brod Mark Terence Pua Mujer Φ2010, and Brod Pocholo Iñigo Bleza Morales Φ2009 went up the stage to present the trophies to the day’s victors. Upholding the tradition of excellence inherent in every Phi, Brod Antonio Roberto Marave Abaya Φ1981 claimed the top spot in his bracket, while brods Bilionario Januario Antonio Dolorico Veloso Jr. Φ1983 and Venancio Petate Garduce Φ1976 finished as second runners-up of Brackets A and B, respectively.

With their appetites satisfied, and their heads held high, the golfers departed from the Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club in eager anticipation of the next golf tournament organized by the Fraternity.

Brods in attendance were: Benito Rances Reverente Jr. Φ1950, Fernando Basilio Florendo Piedad Φ1954, Venancio Petate Garduce Φ1976, Carlos Nicolai Imperial Lasa Φ1978, Enrico Pamintuan Ragaza Φ1978, Jack Domingo Gonzales Arroyo Jr. Φ1979A, Benjamin Avelino Medalla Abela Jr. Φ1979B, Peter Bautista Bernardo Φ1980, Adrian Estanislao Manapat Φ1980, Edwin Chiong Reyes Φ1980, Antonio Roberto Marave Abaya Φ1981, and Bilionario Januario Antonio Dolorico Veloso Jr. Φ1983.


BETTER PLAYED WITH BRODS. (From left to right) Brods Peter Bernardo '80, Edwin Reyes '80, Adrian Manapat '80, Bimboy Garduce '76, Benny Reverente '50 and Nanding Piedad '54

The success of this event would not have been achieved were it not for the efforts of the event heads; thus, it is only fitting to congratulate Brods Pocholo Iñigo Bleza Morales Φ2009, Mark Terence Pua Mujer Φ2010, Clemens Lee Mocorro Sabitsana Φ2011, and Jose Joaquin Herrera Arroyo Φ2012.

Proceeds of the Great Phi Cup will assist the recovery of our brod Venerable Preceptor Kenneth Roy Perez Mendoza Φ2010. All for PHI!

On the 23rd of March, four journeys bound only by the warmth of brotherhood converged at the Diamond Ballroom of the Diamond Hotel; four stories that were each years apart, yet brought together by a bond quite strong within every Phi.

Led by hosts Javier Miguel Dela Cruz Cabatan Φ2012 and Vincent Elvin Tabamo Garduce Φ2012, the program kicked off at around nine in the evening as guests were finishing up what remained of dinner. After a quick invocation led by Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012, the outgoing Superior Exemplar, Antonio Miguel Padilla Dela Paz Φ2008B, addressed the audience with words that fittingly set the tone for the rest of the night. As Brod Tomi finished his speech to the sound of much applause, the hosts ushered on stage the first honoraries of the night.

Despite having recently emerged from the turmoil collectively known in history as the Marcos Era, 30 students of the UP College of Medicine willingly braved the odds 25 years ago, that they may be considered worthy of the Most Venerable Fold. Led by their batch leader, Dr. Allan Raymond Delos Santos Tenorio Φ1987, these young men eventually comprised Phi Batch 1987, known famously as the Gallerians. In commemoration of their quarter of a century of undying commitment to the Phi Kappa Mu, members of the batch were honored as Silver Jubilarians during the night’s festivities. Representing  the batch were Brods Manuel Thomas Ilano Colmenar Φ1987, Jose Joven Valenzuela Cruz Φ1987, Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, Nicanor Cesar Bruno Syquia Montoya Jr. Φ1987, and Genlinus Dator Yusi Φ1987, all of whom were presented plaques and medals that the younger generations of brods looked upon in admiration and envy.

The spotlight then shifted to the Brods who were about to take leave from the College. The task of going through all the motions expected for one to be considered a graduate of the UP College of Medicine is no easy feat. From the countless lectures of the first two years of medical school, to the endless hours of hospital work in the last three, much has been demanded of the generations of doctors that have passed through the College’s hallowed halls. Joining their ranks were the fourteen Brods of UPCM Class 2013 who, for the breadth of their medical schooling, have faithfully served the Fraternity in their capacities as resident Brods; as such, a portion of the program was dedicated solely for the clinical interns. To begin, Dax Carlo Go Pascasio Φ2006, Brother Prior of Phi Batch 2008B, prepared a video message dedicated to the batch that he helped usher into the Fraternity some years ago. The crowd was then treated to a montage of videos both made for and by the graduating brods. Each intern was given a medal that they may keep as a memento of a night they shan’t soon forget.

As the night’s main event approached, solemnity took over the festive mood that had previously taken hold of the guests. The moment had finally arrived. Last October, eleven young men who previously put pen to paper, gentlemen forged from the same fire and cast from the same stone, took part in an enterprise that would have seen them fit to be called a Phi. Taking a road that was anything but smooth, plagued by challenges that constantly held them under duress, these brave few marched on, undaunted, undefeated. Finally considered worthy by the Brods, these young men were hence known as Phi Batch 2012, Exta D’yiz. The night was their celebration, their tribute to the light that forever burns against the darkness, to the Fraternity that welcomed them with as much warmth as could be asked for. The road uphill had finally been trudged. Tonight, the Fraternity formally inducted Brods Francis Louie Malabanan Alcachupas, Jose Nicolo Domingo Antonio, Jose Joaquin Herrera Arroyo, John Harvey Monzon Beza, Javier Miguel Dela Cruz Cabatan, Jose Jaime Lorenzo Claudio De Rivera, Jairus Adrian Ramos Flores, Vincent Elvin Tabamo Garduce, Ryle Sigfried Ong Li, Angelo Maria Mendoza Salonga, and Timothy Carl Francisco Uy into the Most Venerable Fold.

Extra D'yiz

Phi Batch 2012 Extra D'yiz with their Brother Prior, Dennis Raymond Leoncio Sacdalan Φ2010

Keeping the ball rolling, the hosts then invited on-stage the members of both the outgoing and the incoming Executive Councils. From the very first Executive Council way back in 1933, a year was all that was given for those at the helm of the fraternity to make an impact on the history of the Phi Kappa Mu. It really was quite fitting, then, that as their proverbial clock struck 12, the members of the outgoing Executive Council, led by Antonio Miguel Padilla Dela Paz Φ2008B SE 2012-2013, were awarded plaques in recognition of a year filled with innumerable successes . With much pride, they then bestowed upon their successors mantles of leadership that have since represented the best kind of service one can render to the Fraternity. With heads held high and joy bordering on the ecstatic, Superior Exemplar Jose Antonio Tan Paulino Φ2009, Vice Superior Exemplar Mark Terence Pua Mujer Φ2010, Brother Prior Jojiemar Salonga De Pano Φ2011, Standard Bearer Clemens Lee Mocorro Sabitsana Φ2011, Brother Custodian Kevin Ivan Penaverde Chan Φ2011, Brother Scribe Jose Carlo Marcellana Artiaga Φ2010, Senior Guardian of the Temple Mikhail Gopez Amante Φ2011, Brother Recorder Ryle Siegfrid Ong Li Φ2012, and Junior Guardian of the Temple Jose Nicolo Domingo Antonio Φ2012, graciously accepted the duties placed upon them by their predecessors, taking their oaths and cementing their place at the head of the Fraternity. Chosen among the best, it is quite apparent that for another year, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity will be under good and capable hands.

To bring the night to a close, Superior Exemplar Jose Antonio Tan Paulino called for a toast that was then followed by the Fraternity Song led by the youngest brod, Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012.

Fraternity Picture

Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity Picture

Phi Batch 2012, Extra D’yiz, would like to thank the following Brods for attending this year’s Induction Ball: Manuel Bautista Agulto Φ1969A, Jose Castillo Gonzales Φ1969A, Ricardo Mendoza Salonga Φ1969A, Mario Ballesteros Geronilla Φ1969B, Venancio Petate Garduce Φ1976, Jose Senoi Gumayan Gulmatico Φ1976, Abdel Jeffri Abubakar Abdulla Φ1977, Bernardo Dimacali Dimacali Φ1978, Teodoro Kintanar Gonzaales Jr. Φ1978, Jack Domingo Gonzales Arroyo Jr. Φ1979A, Peter Bautista Bernardo Φ1980, Adrian Estanislao Manapat Φ1980, Edwin Chiong Reyes Φ1980, Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, Nicanor Cesar Bruno Syquia Montoya Jr. Φ1987, Jose Joven Valenzuela Cruz Φ1987, Jessie Noel Vargas Conjares Φ1987, Genlinus Dator Yusi Φ1987, Emmanuel Silva Prudente Φ1997, Eduard Malaca Alfanta Φ1998, Carlo Josemaria Diño Rubio Φ2002, Oliver Brian Sy Oliva Φ2003, Gerald Marion Maramag Abesamis Φ2005,  Jaifred Christian Felicida Lopez Φ2006, Anthony Sebastian Montuno Φ2006, Dante Barbado Salvador Jr. Φ2007 and Alberto Mañibo Ong Jr. Φ2008B.

Last February 9, 2013, Camp Braveheart was held in Fun Ranch, Ortigas, Pasig City. This year’s theme is “Valiant Hearts”. It is the seventh run of the annual camp originally conceived by the Council of Congenital Heart Disease of the Philippine Heart Association. This year, both the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority have committed to become major partners in organizing this event in cooperation with the Philippine Society of Pediatric Cardiology.

Camp Braveheart is an annual event that is envisioned to empower children who had heart surgery and help them transition from a life of limited activity and exposure to one with hope and endless possibilities, and eventually become happy and productive members of society. 

The event kicked off with a welcome remark from Philippine Heart Association President Isabelo Ongtengco and then soon followed by an inspiration message delivered by Brod Jose Jonas Dino del Rosario Φ1986, Council on Congenital Heart Disease Chairperson. Pediatric cardiologists and cardiology fellows from the Philippine General Hospital, Philippine Heart Center and Philippine Childrens’ Medical Center also attended the event and delivered lectures to the parents about congenital heart disease and how to take care of their children with this condition.


Exciting team-building activities and games under the assistance of the brods and sisses were provided to the kids by the Storms Outdoor Club. The activities were meant to promote positive self-esteem while having fun and learning lessons and values. These activities also help provided the children with a chance to build friendships and memories to last a lifetime. The kids were grouped into eight teams and were tasked to make their group cheers, flags, and accomplish different tasks which stimulated them both physically and mentally. There were also some pool games that the kids really enjoyed.


The Camp was also graced by Mr. Kim Atienza, who himself was a patient of Dr. Del Rosario for a similar condition. Evident in the participants' faces were their excitement to see Kuya Kim as he gave some trivia about the various animals that he brought with him, including a snake which he wrapped over his shoulder. He also gave an inspirational talk, sharing his experience coping with his heart disease and how he has moved forward.

The team building activities then commenced, where the participants were divided into four groups. They each had their turn in the five stations distributed within the vicinity, with each station having a specific task, all of which aim to develop among the children critical thinking and teamwork. After the "amazing race", the participants were given an all-access pass to the rides at the Fun Ranch.


Prizes were given to all the winning teams during the awarding ceremony where all participants and volunteers were given certificates.

The organizers of Camp Braveheart believe that every child -- even those with heart conditions -- have limitless possibilities. The camp aims to help them realize their potential to succeed in life and help them realize that these potentials are indeed attainable. Every kid with a valiant heart is a victor in life.




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Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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