Last September 4, 2014, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity hosted a thanksgiving mass at the PGH Chapel in celebration of the Fraternity’s 81st Anniversary. Coincidentally held on the afternoon of the expected release of the results of the year’s Physician Licensure Examinations, the fraternity joined hands with the rest of the UP Manila community in praying for the success of the exam-takers.

A few minutes before the start of the mass, the chapel was already full of members of class 2014, their well-wishers, and other mass-goers. Led by the UP Medchoir, the audience joined in on the mass hymns which sounded even more calming and uplifting given the occasion.  The priest’s homily as well as the gospel read also seemed to be directed primarily to those who were waiting for the results of the board examinations. In this particular passage, Jesus first met his future apostles and asked them to become ‘fishers of men’. The homily also revolved around this particular theme. The priest reminded the audience to always be open to God’s calling and to always ask for guidance and direction regarding major decisions in life. Afterwards, special intentions were read out for the board takers and the items for the offertory were brought to the altar by John Vincent Usita Magalong Φ 2013, Ryuichi Peralta Nakamura Φ 2013, and Jasper Paolo Ramos Villoria Φ 2013.

The priest was assisted throughout the mass by Julian Que Arguilla Φ 2013. Also present during the mass were Apolinario Estrellado Esquivel III, M.D. Φ2009, Joseff Karl Uy Fernandez, M.D. Φ2009, and Richmond Paul Enriquez Goce, M.D. Φ2009 who were awaiting the results at the time.


Last afternoon of August 12, 2014 marked yet another significant milestone as the new PAGKALMA Park in the University of the Philippines College of Medicine was inaugurated by members of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority. Fr. Chester Yacub of the UP-Philippine General Hospital Chapel blessed the newly renovated establishment as brods and sisses, lighting their candles, solemnly participated in prayer.

Present were Brods Jose Castillo Gonzales Φ1969A, Abdul Jeffri Abubakar Abdulla Φ1977, Pio Renato Villacorta Φ1977, Ferdinand Lim Morabe Φ1977, Dennis Roland Solis Lopez Φ2000, Eric Baldivino Yasay Φ2003, Alvin Anthony Patricio Anastacio Φ2006, Ryan Siapno Torres Φ2006, Mario Emmanuel Lim Lopez de Leon Φ2007, Antonio Miguel Padilla Dela Paz Φ2008B SE 2012-2013, Jayson Rosario Paragas Φ2008B, Pocholo Inigo Bleza Morales Φ2009, and Jose Antonio Tan Paulino Φ2009 SE 2013-2014. A ribbon-cutting ceremony followed and dinner was served. Vice Superior Exemplar Mikhail Gopez Amante Φ2011, with sis Gellai Ursabia Φ2011, read the plaque dedication.


The new park boasts a modern theme and décor, an LCD television, 24-hour wifi connection and new sound system, among its amenities. First established in 1980 where the Alvior Hall stands today, and moved to its current location beside the Bobby Dela Paz Hall in 2005, the park is a monument to Pagkalinga sa Kalusugan ng Mamamayan, the service arm of the Phi Kappa Mu and the Phi Lambda Delta. Since then, it has been a haven for Brods and Sisses looking to visit and unwind, as well as a venue for important Fraternity and Sorority gatherings.

The renovation of the park was made possible by none other than Brod Bill Romero, phi ’77, UPCM class ’81, in memory of his best friend and batchmate Brod Felixberto “Jojy” Pelayo jr. Brod Jojy founded the original PAGKALMA Park. The Phi Lambda Delta’s Legacy Committee also contributed to the renovation.

All for PHI!


Brotherhood: a timeless bond, a link that goes beyond generations, a quality that sets apart a fraternity from other fellowships. It is in this connection among brethren of the Phi Kappa Mu that one goes back to after his journey as a medical student.

It is in this spirit that the Phi Kappa Mu has been holding its Fraternity Riots annually. This year, the fraternity held its South Riot, Slambang in Alabang at Manong’s, Alabang last June 27. With gracious hosts and Venerable Preceptor John Harvey Monzon Beza Φ2012, the night was met with high anticipation. A bountiful feast with abundant drinks, and boisterous laughter filled the room as brods gathered.


As the night went on, and conversations were exchanged, it was highlighted that being part of the fraternity meant something more than a title. It was in these gatherings that one could see how strong the connections between the Phis have grown as the years progressed and new members were welcomed into the fraternity. The senior brods guiding the younger brods even in endeavors beyond medical school and the younger brods sharing with the seniors even their silliest experiences with the fraternity—the brotherhood was truly felt. The night concluded with the fraternity singing in harmony its esteemed hymn.


That evening might have ended, but the tradition of preserving the flame of 1933 will forever burn brighter as new bonds are forged into the fold.

Alumni brods in attendance were: Romeo Pilotin Ariniego ϕ1967, Venancio Petate Garduce, Jr. ϕ1976, Pio Renato Figer Villacorta ϕ1977, Benjamin Avelino Medalla Abela, Jr. ϕ1979, SE 1983-1984, Renato Trota Jose ϕ1980, Antonio Roberto Marave Abaya ϕ1981, Francisco Catibayan Manalo ϕ1981, Virgilio Mison Novero, Jr. ϕ1982A, Francisco Tupasi Valenzuela, Jr. ϕ1982A, Ernesto Antonio Jamias Valdez, Jr. ϕ1983, Alfredo Caasi Calado III ϕ1984A, Enrico Gil Cruz Oblepias ϕ1984B, Adrian Peter Erfe Desquitado ϕ1989B, Christopher Malorre Enriquez Calaquian ϕ1991, Fabian Arnel Angeles De Jesus ϕ1992, Jonathan dela Cruz Galingan ϕ2005, Ardynne Martin Corcelles Mallari ϕ2008B, Jon Paolo Sandico Pineda ϕ2008B. All for PHI!

Last June 21, 2014 at the University of the Philippines Diliman Bahay ng Alumni, the UP Alumni Association(UPAA) conferred the prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award upon Brods Dr. Fernando Basilio Florando Piedad Φ1954 (For Medicine), Dr. Eric Sta. Maria Talens Φ1981 (Distinguished Service), and Dr. Abundio Asis Balgos Φ1976 (Public Health Promotion) at the UP General Alumni-Faculty Homecoming & Reunion.

(L-R) Dr. Eric Sta. Maria Talens Φ1981, Dr. Fernando Basilio Florando Piedad Φ1954, and Dr. Abundio Asis Balgos Φ1976


Dr. Fernando Basilio Florando Piedad Φ1954: A Standard of Excellence

Brod Nanding’s curriculum vitae of positions, honors and achievements is extensive, to say the least. He was elected member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Internal Medicine (ISIM) from 1998 to 2004, the first Asian to hold this distinction. He is a fellow of the American College of International Physicians, the Philippine College of Cardiology, and was president of the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and also served as its Executive Director. He is considered as one of the most respected authorities in internal medicine, serving as a pillar of the PCP in providing postgraduate training to internists. He has served as chairman of Medicine at the East Avenue Medical Center as well as the Manila Doctors Hospital. He is an author, educator, editor of medical journals, and according to the UPAA citation, “his contribution to the health care of Filipinos is far-reaching.”


Dr. Abundio Asis Balgos Φ1976: Leadership by Spearheading

Brod Abundio received the coveted Ten Outstanding Scientists award in 1995 from the National Academy of Science and Technology. He was named Most Distinguished Teacher and Most Distinguished Fellow in research in 1998, as well as Most Outstanding Fellow (2005) by the Philippine College of Chest Physicians. His work and pioneering research in different fields have all resulted to a significant impact in Philippine Public Health.


Dr. Eric Sta. Maria Talens Φ1981: An Exemplar of Service

When it comes to public service, Brod Eric’s track record is unparalleled. He obtained his medical degree from UPCM in 1985, and finished Master of Science in Epidemiology in 2001. He served as professor of the PGH Department of Surgery and has been with UP manila since 1994. He has garnered several accomplishments in the field of medicine, but beyond his medical practice, he has worked as Director of the UP Manila Extension Service Program (Ugnayan ng Pahinungod) since 2010. His efforts have led not only to physical relief, but also to the restoration of dignity among people distraught by disasters and calamities. Since then, the DOH has adopted his system in providing aid. The UPAA commends Dr. Talens for possessing key attributes of a community servant: huwaran, mahusay, tapat na ehemplo, and ultimately, katangi-tanging bayani sa serbisyong panlipunan.


Congratulations, Brods! All for PHI!

Source: UP Alumni Association Citations 

Last thursday, June 19, 2014, members of the Phi Kappa Mu team decimated the formidable Mu Sigma Phi team at the Philippine General Hospital Basketball Court, amid consecutive delays, concluding the 5th game in the PGH Orthopedics cup series.

The team was comprised of Brods Joseff Karl Uy Fernandez Φ2009, Jose Nicolo Domingo Antonio Φ2012, Javier Miguel Dela Cruz Cabatan Φ2012, Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013, and Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas Φ2013 forming the starting five; as well as Jojiemar Salonga De Pano Φ2011, Vincent Elvin Tabamo Garduce Φ2012, and Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012. Junior Guardian of the Temple Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas led the counteroffensive that resulted in the 42-32 carnage, racking up a total of 28 points and squelching the Mu team's early lead.

The first quarter started slow as Phi opened the scoring with a 2 (+ 1 from a foul) point shot from Brod Kevin Lucas but ended 5-7 in favor of Mu due to solid team defense and converted free throws from fouls on either end of the court.

The second quarter ended 15-12 as Phi began picking up the pace. Phi’s shooting and chance creation improved during this quarter; breaking down the Mu defense time and again due to drives from Brod Karl Fernandez and assists from Brod Vince Garduce.

The third quarter was characterized by increased penetration and movement from both sides due to a more fluid offense. Still, both defenses stood strong throughout the quarter, although the Phi team remained offensively astute, securing a 5-point lead. Mu capitalized on turnovers and scored points from quick counterattacks but the quarter ended 28 - 23 still in favor of PHI. 

In the middle of the fourth quarter, both Phi centers Jojie De Pano and Jake Cabatan were fouled out. Despite this, the team improved ball circulation to push forward and create an unassailable 10 point lead above the rivals to end the game 42-32.

The Phi team have to be commended for their solid defensive display and creativity in moving forward.

Brods, as well as sisses from the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority gathered to support and cheer for the team. The alumni brods present were Romeo Jalbuena Encanto Φ1997, John Paul Emerson Serrato Mariñas Φ2004B, Gerald Marion Maramag Abesamis Φ2005, Bayani Soriño Pasco Jr. Φ2005, SE 2009-2010, Dax Carlo Go Pascasio Φ2006, Marc Denver Aquino Tiongson Φ2006, Jeffrey Michael Viloria Wong Φ2006, John Michael Paraiso Baking Φ2007, Rene Edgardo Capati Manalastas Φ2008A, Antonio Miguel Padilla Dela Paz Φ2008B, SE 2012-2013, John Michael Torricer Mendoza Φ2008B, Abdelsimar Tan Omar II Φ2008B, and Jon Paolo Sandico Pineda Φ2008B.

All for PHI!


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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