The clear blue sky, the soft white sand, the radiant sun overhead, and the freedom that only comes around once a year; for most people, summer is a time to cut loose and bond with family and friends. However, for Brod JP Mariñas, the idea of cutting loose and bonding means more than just relaxing at the beach. For him, it means serving his community with his loved ones through a series of medical and surgical missions, because to him, there is nothing more worth doing than giving back and living a life of service to others.

Dr. John Paul Emerson Serrato Mariñas, Φ2004B, performing an excision at "Araw ni Inang"

Dr. John Paul Emerson Serrato Mariñas, Φ2004B, performing an excision

Brod John Paul Emerson Serrato Mariñas, Φ2004B, or “JP” as he is fondly called by younger brods, has always had a special place in his heart for the tuli/surgical missions of the Phi Kappa Mu even before residency. These missions include the annual missions of Brod Che Jamir in Cavite, Sis Girlie Teotico’s Boracay Mission, and the Puerto Galera Mission of Brod Cis Daytec. Ever a man of service, Brod JP took to these missions instantly with keen enthusiasm. Little did he know then that it was only a preview into the life of service that he would soon live; in fact, Brod JP shares, it was his exposure to these service missions that inspired him on to specializing in Surgery-Urology in the UP-Philippine General Hospital.

But one can only do so much for his or her own community while training in the country’s foremost tertiary hospital. With the call of service beyond the wards came Brod JP’s answer in the form of a medical mission, one held by his own family for their local community in Antipolo City. Hence, “Araw ni Inang”, the Mariñas family medical mission, came to be.

“Araw ni Inang” was conceived in one of Brod JP’s family gatherings shortly after he had started taking up surgery. Among those present in the gathering were his eldest sister, Doc Trina, an OB-Gyne ultrasound specialist, and his Aunty Cely, a self-made chef and entrepreneur. The medical mission was named “Araw ni Inang” as a tribute to their grandmother, Cristina “Inang Tinay” Mariñas, a truly influential figure in the community, whose memory they wanted to honor by doing charity work and also by having a venue in which to bond with the family.

The concept started out as a family activity during the time of May. Banking on the support of Phi, Brod JP took advantage of the busy summer schedule to render medical services that catered to the needs of the community. Summer time used to be “family time”, where the Mariñas family would campaign for their grandfather, Felix Mariñas, a former Mayor of Antipolo. Holding the missions bonded his family and, in addition, gave Phi an opportunity to serve and give back to the community. The Mariñas family believes that many are willing to volunteer given the proper venue, so they wanted to create a program in which a lot of people can help. Hence, what started out as a small mission in their house in Antipolo ended up becoming a mission that had to be conducted in the village basketball court with the help of the local barangay due to the sheer number of patients, with 270 circumcisions performed at the most recent "Araw ni Inang" held last April 25, 2015.

The “Araw ni Inang” Mission has offered various medical services during the 6 years of its humble run - circumcisions, OB-Gyne consults/ultrasound & pap smears, ophthalmological consults, minor surgical operations, dental extractions, laboratory examinations, vitamin supplementation, and even a blood drive. Of course, these services were not present all at once. The blood drive started two years ago, with 50 donors present. The minor surgical “bukol” excision only started last year upon Brod JP’s initiative through the support of brods and sisses in the Department of Surgery. The mission also includes a feeding program or soup kitchen to the patients, as well as a drive for donating shoes, glasses, and clothes, extending the generosity their grandmother was known for. All of the services offered during “Araw ni Inang” were made possible by various benefactors with hearts of gold.

Brod JP performing another excision with fellow Phi student brods

Brod JP performing another excision with fellow Phi student brods

Brod JP also explains that the mission was never meant to prioritize medical consults; instead, what the mission sought to achieve initially was to bring surgical and dental services to the community. Circumcision, while optional, has benefits that definitely outweigh the risks: it decreases the probability of penile cancer and UTI and promotes the psychological growth of the child especially in the Filipino setting where it is a cultural and religious practice. The mission also provides the opportunity to examine possible Urology cases such as undescended testes and hypospadias in the young, and discourages the continuation of hazardous practices such as “pukpok circumcision”. Likewise, the surgical mission is not meant to prioritize actual excision procedures, but to provide proper screening and inspection of potentially malignant masses or “bukol” in patients, and to adequately advise them for referral to multi-specialty centers such as UP-PGH for further work-up or treatment.

These missions would not have been possible without the steadfast support of Brod JP’s family, Familia Mariñas, who provide the logistics, networking, organization and funding necessary for Araw ni Inang. Brod JP’s elder sister, Yasmin, shines in managerial work as the overall supervisor; his brother, Myk, heads the registration and logistics department. Other members of the family also help out and show support. They gather financial support from different NGOs, their relatives abroad and concerned members of the community. This proves the saying, “pag nag tulong-tulong, madaming magagawa”.

For Familia Mariñas, holding "Araw ni Inang" serves many purposes. They are one way for the family to share their blessings with others, a means to give back to the employees of their various businesses and their families. Moreover, the mission stands as a continuing legacy that ensures that the kindness and generosity of Brod JP’s grandmother lives on through the younger generations. Future plans include an “Araw ni Tatang” or “Araw ng Familia”, aimed towards visiting homes for the aged and orphanages respectively.

Much is achieved through the collective effort of Phi brods and sisses. To give back to the services of the brods and sisses, Brod JP treats them afterwards for a mini fellowship in their resort overlooking Manila, Cristina Villas Resort, also named after their grandmother. Good food, good company, and a night of sharing laughs and trading stories after a long day of hard work and service are what keep the brods and sisses coming back year after year.

Brod JP’s notion of service is straightforward – one can only give to others what one has, so in order for one to give more, one has to be more and train more. This does not only apply to material things, but to talents and skills as well. “If you have material blessings, share your blessings,” Brod JP says. “If you have talents and skills, hone them. To render true service, the other three pillars of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity come in. To render true and dependable service, you have to show Excellence. You need Leadership if you are to provide the best service. In the provision of true service, the vision of one is not enough. You need Brotherhood, a vision that is carried by many. We do not claim a monopoly on service; it is free to those who wish to live a life for others.”

Brod JP with the Phi brods, sisses, and volunteers of the recent Araw ni Inang, held last April 25, 2015

Brod JP with the Phi brods, sisses, and volunteers of the recent Araw ni Inang, held last April 25, 2015

Thankful to the Phi Kappa Mu for all the Fraternity’s support, Brod JP shares that the Fraternity is something he cannot take away from himself, his identity, his values, his aspirations and his goals in life. For the brods, he shares, the cardinal virtues are not there merely as a guide through a brod’s journey in the fraternity; they are there for the Phi to embody and live by in their lives, as Brod JP has selflessly and tirelessly done year after year.

Last February 28, 2015, the 9th installment of Camp Braveheart was held in the Eldar’s Tent, Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. With the theme “Nurturing Hearts with Compassion”, Camp Braveheart is the brainchild of the Council of Congenital Heart Disease of the Philippine Heart Association and the Philippine Society of Pediatric Cardiology, in partnership with the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority. 

It is the desire of Camp Braveheart to empower children who have had heart surgeries and to make them feel that their lives need not to be limited by any physical constraints, making them realize that what lies ahead is a life filled with joy and opportunities.

Almost a hundred children who are post-operative patients of congenital heart disease, along with their parents and guardians, graced the whole day event. Along with the brods and sisses of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Sorority, members of the Philippine Heart Association and the Philippine Society for Pediatric Cardiology also attended the camp.

Welcome remarks from the Chair of the Council of Congenital Heart Diseases, Dr. Marinella Francisco – Mallari and the President of the Philippine Heart Association, Dr. Joel Abanilla formally started the event. Representatives from the UP College of Dentistry and Council of Congenital Heart Diseases talked about the Current State of Dental Health in the Philippines, the Importance of Dental health in Congenital Heart Disease Management, and How to keep our Hearts Healthy, which were aimed to help the parents and guardians in taking care of the children. Moreover, a free clinic was provided by the Philippine Heart Association to monitor the status of the children operated for their CHDs.

The Amazing Race, which was the main team-building event of the camp, aimed to develop camaraderie and critical thinking among participants, boost their self-esteem, and give happiness to the participants as they accomplish the tasks given to them. Divided to ten stations, the kids were made to solve a word puzzle by accomplishing the tasks assigned to them per station. Among the tasks were to make group cheers, construct paper hearts, solve jigsaw puzzles, and many others that were both physically and mentally challenging. The participants, along with their parents and guards, were also given the opportunity to roam around and experience the rides the theme park.

Late afternoon, the Camp was surprised by a performance by Ymmanuel, a magician-ventriloquist. His jaw-dropping tricks and performance left the kids, as well as everyone else in the tent, in awe that made the crowd ask for more.

TV Host Kim Atienza, more popularly known as “Kuya Kim”, made the crowd more excited as he brought his reptile pets inside the Eldar’s Tent. According to him, he is also a “braveheart” himself, being a patient of Dr. Jose Jonas Diño Del Rosario, Phi 1986, for a condition similar to that of the kids. Having different shapes and sizes, the pets of Kuya Kim perhaps sparked the interest of kids in animals and made the children realize how vast the world is, that is why they must continue to empower themselves and have a life free of inhibitions. Dr. Marinella Francisco – Mallari also gave her rendition of “Let It Go” from the hit movie “Frozen” of Disney that made the crowd sing to their delight.

The day ended with a surprise performance from the newest brods and sisses of the Phi Kappa Mu and the Phi Lambda Delta and a closing message from Dr. Jose Jonas Diño Del Rosario, Phi 1986. The children and volunteers were given certificates for their participation in this year’s event.


Camp Braveheart 9 would like to thank the following sponsors: Sanare Medical, Friso Four, Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, Continental, NU Skin, Urban Concepts, Adarna House, the Generics Pharmacy, Jansport, McDonalds, Corebridge, and Unilever, as well as our Media Partner Wazzup Pilipinas.

Three Cheers to Brod Julian Que Arguilla, Phi 2013 for heading this year’s Camp Braveheart 9: Nurturing Hearts with Compassion. All for PHI!

The sun has set on the horizon and the night begins as the 7th installment of the biggest med-law party in the country, Verdict 7: Wild Card was fast approaching. Last February 21, 2015 at the URBN bar and kitchen, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity of the College of Medicine in partnership with Regina Iustitiae sorority of Ateneo Law gathered the wildest Medicine and Law Students of the Metro to cut loose from their busy post graduate schedules to mingle and party to the tunes of guest DJ’s from FlavaFlyte, Curse&Bless and our very own, Brod Kevin Ivan Penaverde Chan Φ 2011.

As we opened gates at 8 pm, the venue quickly filled with guests and partygoers. The party was quickly underway as our first guest DJ’s let out a stream of beats to which the rowdy crowd responded to with fervor. A short programs officially started the party with hosts Brod Edmond Rodiel Bries Φ2014 and Joyce Raboca from the Regina Iustitiae sorority. The party was a roaring success with a jam packed venue and an infectious tangible euphoria.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Hennessy, Jesi Mendez Katipunan, Mont Albo Massage Hut, Premiere Condoms, Uber, Garnier, Whiplash Tattoo, Blackwater, Brofit and Essenxa; our media partners: Aldous Ate the World, Circuit Magazine, Clavel Magazine, EDM Philippines,, 99.5 Play FM, Pulp Magazine, Rave.PH, Wazzup Pilipinas, and When in Manila; and our organizational partners: Alliance of Philippine Pre-Medical Societies, Alpha Delta Mu Sorority (UST Med), UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority (UP Law), Filiae Aesculapii Organization (UERM Med), UP Health Sciences and Pre-Medicine Society (UP Manila), Lex Societas Orientis (UE), Medici Omnes Duciens (MCU Med), Mu Alpha Rho Service Fraternity (PLM Med), Mu Upsilon Sigma Service Sorority (PLM Med), Phi Lambda Delta Sorority (UP Med), Suprema Lex Fraternity (UST Law).

Three Cheers to Brother Custodian Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012 and Brod Van Euldem Diaz Batad Φ2013 for heading this Year’s installment of Verdict. All for PHI!


Credits to Markyn Kho and the Office of the Brother Recorder for the photos. More on:

Last January 31, 2015, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity of the College of Medicine gathered to celebrate and honor the recipients of the Outstanding Phi Awards, at the Luxent Hotel, Timog Ave. Quezon City. This event was envisioned to recognize the achievements of brods who embodied the virtues of the Fraternity and demonstrated in their lives the pillars of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood.

After a scrumptious meal, A few words from the Superior Exemplar, Brod Mark Terrence Pua Mujer Φ2010 and Brod Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976, the president of the Phi Kappa Mu Alumni Association, started the awarding. The 6 Recipients of the 2nd Outstanding Phi Awards are:


Brod Jose Santiago Eustaquio Φ1937 

Brod Jose “Peping”Eustaqio, is soon to celebrate his hundredth birthday and 77th year as a Loyal Son of the Most Venerable Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine the Phi Kappa Mu. He serves as a testament to the long and lasting tradition of brotherhood that the Phi Kappa Mu upholds. Endearingly called Lolo Peping, he has seen generation after generation of brothers be molded by - and mold - our fraternity. He remains active in many of the fraternity's pursuits and shares his positive experiences to younger brods that they may continue the legacy of the Phi that the early generations envisioned it to be. Brod Peping was introduced by Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal Jr Φ 2014.


Leonardo Leonor Leonidas, MD, Φ 1965

Brod Leonard “Nonie” Leonidas has always been at the forefront of being an example of unfaltering service. He has been able to incorporate teaching despite the demands of private practice in primary care pediatrics at Bangor, Maine. He has received numerous awards, among them; Distinguished Carrer in Teaching in 2010, Tufts, University School of Medicine, Boston, Outstanding Alumnus, UPMAS 2010 as well as Overseas Teacher of the Year, UPMAS 2006. An avid writer he has made contributions to the Philippine Daily Inquirer with titles such as Rethinking Blood Transfusion and Evidence Based Practice. His main interests are innovations in teaching young children and Physicians to reduce diagnostic errors. His passion and desire in molding the youth as well as to improve on current medical practices has formed a legacy of service that is to be admired. Brod Nonie was introduced by his classmate, Brod Valentin Dolorico Φ1964. In his acceptance speech, Brod Nonie shared his secrets to a successful career, emphasizing the importance of communication in becoming a great physician and mentioned his sentiments about the lack of autopsy in the Philippine General Hospital.


Brod Romeo Pilotin Ariniego,MD Φ1967

Brod Romy, or Doc RA as he is affectionately called by his students and peers is one of the most well-respected and outstanding doctors in the De La Sallle Health Sciences Institute. He has served as the Dean of the DLS-HSI College of Medicine as well as other top positions in DLS-HSI and the DLS-HSI University Medical center. The newly constructed medical library in DLS-HSI is named after him, the Romeo P. Ariniego MD Library. He has garnered multiple awards such as; Outstanding Citizen in Health Education and Delivery, Vigan City, 2005, Distinguished teacher Award, Philippine Heart Association, 2013. He has shown time and time again how to display excellence as a medical practitioner and educator. Brod Romy was introduced by his classmate, Brod Manuel Tan Chua Chiaco Jr. Φ 1967. Upon his acceptance Brod Romy invited his brods to a life of excellence saying “There’s always room at the top”.


Abundio Asis Balgos, MD, Φ1976

Brod Abundio “Bunds” Balgos joined the faculty of the Department of Physiology of the UP College of Medicine as a clinical assistant professor of the pulmonary section and attending physician at PGH. He previously was an Associate Dean for Planning and Research and became Vice Chancellor for Research of UP Manila. An outstanding graduate of UPCM where he was the first Clemente Gatmaitan awardee, Brod Bunds has done laudable work as a physician, professor, researcher, writer, and community worker. He has received numerous prestigious awards, among them the National Academy of Science and Technology Ten Outstanding Scientists in 1995; Most Distinguished Teacher and Most Distinguished Fellow in Research in 1998, and Most Outstanding Fellow in 2005, awarded by the Philippine College of Chest Physicians. Brod Bunds has twenty-two publications promoting public health. He is currently the vice president of the PCCP while remaining active in community work serving the medical needs of indigent patients in Metro Manila and in his home in Capiz. Brod Bunds was introduced by his classmate, Brod David Mequi Cabatan Jr. Φ 1976. Brod Bunds graciously accepted his award saying that “Actions speak louder than words.”


Eric Sta. Maria Talens, MD, Φ 1981

Brod Eric Talens currently serves as the Director of Ugnayan ng Pahinungod-Manila and is a Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons (1995), Philippine Society of General Surgery (1999), and the American College of Surgeons (2006). He is an active Consultant of the Departments of Surgery of PGH, East Avenue Medical Center, and the Manila Doctors’ Hospital. Brod Eric previously served as the Czar of the UP Manila Disaster Response Team designated by former Chancellor Manuel Agulto to formulate a Disaster Response Plan for the University. Brod Eric is renowned as the first Trauma Fellow and the First Male Diplomate in Medical Care of Catastrophes in the Philippines. He served as the Founding Director of two medical societies: Philippine Society for the Surgery of Trauma (PSST) and the Philippine Society of Ultrasound for Surgery (PSUCMI). Remarkably, Brod Eric also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Philippine Journal of Trauma from 1997-2012, Co-Editor of the Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties (2009-2013), and an Editorial Consultant of the Journal of Medical Ultrasound, a journal of the Asian Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology (AFSUMB) (2006). Despite his tight schedule and astounding achievements, Brod Eric never forgets to give back to his alma mater, he currently teaches surgery at the UP College of Medicine as an Associate Professor. Brod Alberto Mañibo Ong Jr. Φ 2008B introduced Brod Eric and as he accepted his award, he attributed his achievements to the contributions and work to the volunteers of the Disaster Response Team.


Major Virgilio Reginald Mala Acain, MD, Φ2000

Brod Virgilio “Verge” Acain currently serves as the Commanding Medical Officer of one of the United Nations’ Hospitals, and is part of the military unit that was involved in the standoff at the Golan Heights in Syria. He had his humble beginnings as an Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical School Scholar and served in the Philippine Army after graduating fom the UP College of Medicine. Brod Verge is a well-decorated soldier; under his belt are countless merits and commendations bestowed by the Armed Forces. He is a recipient of the Military Civic Action Medal and was recently awarded with the Presidential Citation Badge by no less than President Benigno Aquino. His service is a brand that goes beyond tending to the underserved – he does so with his own life on the line. The award of Brod Verge was accepted by Brod John Leeds Reyes Φ 1969A as he was not able to make it to the event. 



The event was hosted by Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal Jr. Φ 2014 and Brod Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ 1987, whose witty banter made for a truly merry gathering full of laughter. All the Brods cheered and applauded as each awardee went up onstage to receive their plaques of recognition. The newest Brods, Phi batch 2014 Noche Buena, were then introduced by Brother Prior, Brod Angelo Maria Mendoza Salonga Φ 2012, with each new brod showing their eagerness to serve the fraternity. All the brods were ecstatic to have the presence of Brod Peping and took haste to take their picture with him. This event not only celebrated the achievements of the awardees but also served as a reminder of what it means to live a life guided by the four pillars of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood. 

All for PHI!

Last January 19, 2015, the brods of the Phi Kappa Mu and the sisses of the Phi Lambda Delta gathered for PHIsiklaban, an annual team-building activity to start the second semester to welcome the newest batch brods and sisses, as well as to celebrate an afternoon of camaraderie between the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority. This year’s PHIsiklaban was hosted by Brod Benjamin Francis Pablo Rodriguez Jr., Φ2014 and held at the Pablo Compound in Diliman, Quezon City.

The brods and sisses gathered at the venue after lunch and the activities were formally started at around 2 in the afternoon. This year’s hosts were Brod Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013 and Sis Paticia Ann Dionisio Uy Φ2012. In order to facilitate brods and sisses team building, Phisiklaban includes various games wherein the brods and sisses present were sorted in four groups: Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple. The afternoon games were kicked off with a mascot designing and cheering contest between the four teams, with the Purple team emerging as the winner.

Succeeding games included “IdentiPHI”, wherein the brods and sisses from opposing teams aimed to identify one select brod or sis from the opposing group; Musical Chairs; Newspaper Dance - where the contestants had to fit in a piece of paper which was folded halfwise at the end of every round; and a Food Relay, which included difficult-to-ingest food like polvoron and peanut butter sandwich, as well as more exotic choices like amapalaya shake and okra. After each game, the losing team will have at least one brod and one sis perfom their reflex. At the end of the competition, the Green and the Yellow team finished with a tie at first place with 14 points, while the Blue team finished last with 9 points. At the end of the games, the brods and sisses feasted on the cornucopia of potluck food. Capping off the afternoon, everyone took their turn performing their respective reflexes to everyone’s entertainment and delight.

Phisiklaban marks the start of a year of productivity and enjoyment for both the brods and sisses. Alumni brods present were: Edward Malaca Alfanta Φ1998, Gerald Marion Maramag Abesamis Φ2005, Jonathan Dela Cruz Galingan Φ2005, John Michael Paraiso Baking Φ2007, and Antonio Miguel Padilla dela Paz Φ2008B, SE 2012-2013.

Three cheers to Brod Jon Bryan Santiago Tiosin Φ2013 for heading this year’s PHIsiklaban. All for Phi!


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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