Phi Class 2013


It’s official.

Last September 14, 2013 at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), fourteen Loyal Sons of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity were among those who recited their Hippocratic Oaths to be part of the country’s newest batch of physicians.

The afternoon started with the board passers taking the seats at the front of the hall, while their proud parents sat at the back. The topnotchers of the recent board examinations, which includes Brod Abdelsimar “Buddy” Tan Omar II Φ2008B, were asked to occupy the table situated at the front of the stage.

The program began at around half past one o’ clock in the afternoon with a processional and an invocation, which was immediately followed by the singing of the Philippine national anthem and the PRC Hymn. After the opening remarks, the soon-to-be officially licensed physicians took the Oath of Professionals and Oath of Hippocrates with uncontainable pride and excitement.

The program proceeded with the awarding of Plaques of Recognition to the 8 top performing schools, starting from number 8 to number 1. The University of the Philippines – College of Medicine, being one of four schools bagging a 100% passing rate (149 passers out of 149 examiners), was awarded last. When the name of Dean Agnes Mejia was called to receive the award, loud cheering and a standing ovation welcomed her, soon followed by Brod John Faustine Danan Gutierrez Φ2008B, Class President of UPCM Class 2013, leading the class cheer with his familiar, resonating voice:

“Dos Mil Trese! Lahat Posible! What’s your bet? All in! 2013!”

The master of ceremonies next recognized the examinees who registered grades that were among the top 10 in this batch of board passers. The UP College of Medicine produced 5 topnotchers in the Top 10, headlined by the class valedictorian Dr. Daniel Guevara and Dr. Buddy Omar Φ2008B, both with a score of 88.75%, earning them the 2nd place among all examiners. Brod Buddy Omar went up the stage accompanied by his mother, Dr. Farrah Tan Omar, who herself is a PHI. They were met with the warm congratulations of Dr. Mejia as they descended the platform.

With a message by board first placer Dr. Ang and the closing remarks of Dr. De Ocampo, the program ended with the Philippines having 1,834 new licensed physicians.


The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity congratulates the newest PHI doctors:


Jeff Novero

Dr. Jon Jefferson Calinao Novero, MD Φ2007

Jeff is a person known to enjoy the best of life, having various interests in music, food, among many others. Despite his happy outlook in life, he upholds the PHI quality of dependability, able to deliver when he is counted on the most. He is the son of Brod Virgilio “Joy” Mison Novero, Jr. Φ1982A, a renowned fertility expert, and plans to also take up further training in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Tomi dela Paz

Dr. Antonio Miguel Padilla Dela Paz, MD Φ2008B SE 2012-2013

Tomi was the one chosen to be the PHI’s Superior Exemplar in his batch due to his excellent demonstration of the Fraternity’s pillars and virtues. Probably attributing to his well-roundedness, Tomi was the go-to-guy of the UPCM Men’s Basketball Varsity Team. He led the team as its previous Team Captain. He plans to train further in General Surgery.


Kevin Fernandez

Dr. Rodolfo Uy Fernandez III, MD Φ2008B

Kevin is a talented individual, known for his superb video editing, dancing, writing and basketball skills, talents that you rarely find in a medical student. He served as the Fraternity’s Brother Scribe in 2010-2011 and recently graduated as an Outstanding Intern in Ophthalmology and Psychiatry. He plans to specialize in Otorhinolaryngology.


Migz Guillermo

Dr. Miguel Luiz Bahinting Guillermo, MD Φ2008B

Migz was the Fraternity’s Brother Recorder in 2009, into which he has put his skills and knowhow about the graphic arts and technology into good use. He plans to someday take up a residency program in Ophthalmology.


Clint Guitarte

Dr. Clint Patagnan Guitarte, MD Φ2008B

Clint is the leader of Phi Batch 2008B Payday and his interest include sports and the outdoors, joining marathons or climbing mountains in his free time. He was also the Most Outstanding Intern of the Department of Orthopedics and plans to take up residency in the same field.


JF Gutierrez

Dr. John Faustine Danan Gutierrez, MD Φ2008B

JF is a well-respected leader in the class, the Fraternity and the College. He is the Class President of UPCM Class 2013 since he entered the College as an INTARMED student and served previously as the Vice Superior Exemplar of the Fraternity and the Vice Chairperson for the Medicine Student Council. His fields of interest include Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology.


Ardynne Mallari

Dr. Ardynne Martin Corcelles Mallari, MD Φ2008B

Ardynne became part of UP College of Medicine Class 2013 as one of the direct entrants of the INTARMED program. His intelligence especially in mathematics is undeniable, always proving useful especially in dividing the restaurant or bar bills among brods. During his time in the College, Ardynne served as the Fraternity’s Venerable Preceptor and Senior Guardian of the Temple. He plans to specialize in a field close to his heart – Pediatric Cardiology.


JM Mendoza

Dr. John Michael Torricer Mendoza, MD Φ2008B

JM is best known in the College of Medicine as one of the UPCM Men’s Basketball Team’s superstars, leading the College to various wins in many tournaments. He is also known to sport and collect the best of watches. JM plans to specialize in Rehabilitation Medicine.


Buddy Omar

Dr. Abdelsimar Tan Omar II, MD Φ2008B

Buddy was the most studious of the batch and it shows whenever he answers the most difficult of questions, tops the end-of-the-year comprehensive examinations and amazes with his excellent endorsements of the patient’s cases. There is no wonder why he was elected as the Fraternity’s Standard Bearer in 2011, and placed at number 2 in the recent physician licensure examinations. Buddy plans to return to his hometown as a Neurosurgeon.


Jayson Paragas

Dr. Jayson Rosario Paragas, MD Φ2008B

Jayson (or Papi, as he is fondly called by the brods) is the Fraternity’s culinary expert, making pulutans taste like exquisite delicacies. His leadership is unquestionable, having led the Fraternity in its flagship project, Empowerment Through Mobility, in 2010. Papi plans to go back to Pangasinan as a General Surgeon, and vows to continue the annual PHI fellowship at Dagupan.


Paolo Pineda

Dr. Jon Paolo Sandico Pineda, MD Φ2008B

Paolo’s main thrust in the Fraternity was the recruitment of worthy, noble men into the Fold. He served as the Brother Prior who welcomed the talented and dedicated men of Phi Batch 2011. Aside from that, he is known to nail spot-up threes as part of the UPCM Men’s Basketball Team and hit high notes as the Phi Band’s front man. Paolo will take up further training in Orthopedic Surgery.


Nil Sembrano

Dr. Leonil Ferdinand Arizobal Sembrano, MD Φ2008B

Nil entered the College of Medicine through the INTARMED program in 2006 and has since then became one of the College’s most respected singers, being part of the multi-award winning UP Medicine Choir. Nil will spend the next two or so years in the rural communities in completion of the Doctors to the Barrios program; after which, he plans to specialize in Orthopedics.


Joshua Yabut

Dr. Joshua Anton Ostoy Yabut, MD Φ2008B

Josh was a fixture in the Phi Band ever since he became a member of the Fraternity in 2008, making use of his background in classical piano to master the keyboards. His musical skills and knowledge translated to the Phi Band placing among the best bands in multiple contests. With a passion for service, Josh also was the Fraternity’s Senior Guardian of the Temple in 2010. He plans to take up further training in Surgery, specifically in Urology.


 Topher Constantino

Dr. Christopher Salamaed Constantino, MD Φ2008B

Topher proudly finishes medical education in UP, having had academic stints in top schools Ateneo and De La Salle. He is an avid fan of comics and graphic novels, at times doing his own sketches with the best in the industry. He also is fond of hip-hop and has already composed a few rap songs. Topher plans to specialize in Vascular Surgery.


Congratulations brods! All for PHI!


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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