The Untouchables: each a unique individual with great talent, mind, and personality. Together, a unit that is unmatched, unparalleled, and, most of all, Untouchable. Tempered and tested in the fires of the Phi Kappa Mu, they faced every challenge with conviction that would push them through the climax of it all. In the end, they became tabula rasas, ready to be written with unforgettable experiences and astonishing stories the fraternity has in store for them.  Unparalleled are each of these 11 young souls; Untouchable are they as one. Here are the new brothers to complete the never ending legacy of the fraternity:

A plant enthusiast from UPLB,  Glen Aldrix Rosal Anarna (Aldrix) graduated as the salutatorian of his batch with a degree of BS Biology major in Plant Systematics. His keen interest in studying and teaching others has never failed to reach the brethren of minds of people. The first of the Untouchables, he believes knowledge should not only be kept to oneself, but be shared to others until no brain is left untouched. Other than plants and studying, he is an otaku and loves to have a good laugh. Moreover, he has been in different environment-related advocacies and loves to sing, swim, and cook.

Every fencer aspires to be untouchable, and Angelo Versoza Aquino II (Gelo) is no less than one. He believes that life should be as exhilarating as fencing, no less than a graceful dance yet maintaining balance, dynamic yet focused, always with honor, and no matter what happens there is smile and handshake at the end. He aspires to be a vitruvian man - holistically excellent, and socially relevant. And when it comes to matters of the heart, Gelo always has a song for everyone. In the Fraternity, he believes that all these values are home, and he is home with the brods.

With no skills left untouched, John Patrick Berroya Bulaong (Jack) can somehow regard himself as a jack of all trades. After graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, despite not yet being licensed, his uncanny ability to morph to any necessity of a group is unparalleled. During his leisure time, he enjoys time by playing sports or video games. Holding high the tradition of balancing studies and extra-curricular activities ranging from photography, videography to publicity materials making, he can truly be an asset in representing the fraternity, carrying its name and its logo.

Witty and funny in the sleekest way, Ric Michael Palabay De Vera (Ric) redefines the word “swag”. Known to others as a shy and quiet type of guy; to his friends, he makes with best quips of humor, accompanied with his superfluous skill of excellent pragmatics in maintaining conversation flow. An avid fan of multiple genres of life ranging from sport shows such as UFC, PBA and UAAP to the souls of varied local music, from underground local indie scene to rap music you can hear being sung on the corner of the streets. A BS Chemistry graduate from UP Diliman, though he may be lost sometimes due to lack of background in medical field, this will not hinder him as he will work harder to become the first doctor in his family.

Just as the skills of the most elite ball handlers make them virtually untouchable in today’s NBA rules, John Laetner Macavinta Enriquez (Laetner) exhibits the same level of finesse and intricacy in the timing and delivery of his jokes and puns. Lighthearted at a glance, especially when he enjoys pick-up games, movies, anime, anything NBA, good music and even silence and solitude, but that lightheartedness quickly turns ablaze to warm the people he holds dearest and light the path to his dreams. Fun loving, he is an Untouchable that tickles the Untouchables without touch, “fun” intended.

With his game-winning wits and strategies, Allen Khriztofer Pineda Lichauco (Allen) will indisputably defend the radiant PHI name against all dire situations. He’ll use his past experiences in planning events, working with others, and leading people in the service of the fraternity. Furthermore, he finds pleasure in taking photographs of scenic landscapes and fleeting moments to preserve them and tell their stories in the future. Because just like any brother’s stay as part of the resident body, these fleeting moments will only be brief and short-lived. However, what he believes will matter the most are the lessons that he will learn and the moments that he will share, which will be memories captured in photographs that he will surely pass on to the future generations of brothers who will carry on the PHI legacy forever.

Next is the anchor to persons with disabilities, the advocate for service for people of all walks of life and the firm believer of hope, passion, and patriotism, Steven Cuapoco Tan Tan (Steven) has dedicated his life leaving no stones untouched in the quest for becoming a better person and actualizing his true potential through selfless deeds. A speech pathologist by profession, a trustworthy friend through day and night, a dependable co-worker in any field, he is someone you could lean on in any facets of life. And when the seriousness of life cascades,  he will be at the basketball court, ready for a friendly game of 1 on 1.

Born in the hallowed halls of the Philippine General Hospital, but raised in the carefree, slow-paced, and humble city of Iloilo, Rafael Antonio Cabrera Tupas (Raf) is a man of multiple interests. While reserved on the outside, he engages in seemingly endless discourse once his hobbies are the subject. He is a passionate gamer, and when not pawning other players as D.Va on Overwatch, he enjoys watching motor racing, jamming on a guitar, collecting toys, or enjoying a good bottle of beer with equally good company. A graduate of UP Visayas’ iteration of the BS in Public Health program, and a member of a family of doctors, he takes inspiration from the tales of his parents works. He admits that it is difficult for him to translate the flames of his passion into his learning due to his (in his opinion) odd temperament. However, with the right motivation, nothing, for him, is Untouchable.

Genes, transcripts, and proteins, these molecular jargons left untouched by the molecular biologist, Morel Dominic Umipon (Morel). Complicated it may seem, he sees molecular pathways as railroads and stoplights with traffic enforcers regulating them. “Just like anything else, everything is interconnected”, he says. But molecular nerdiness aside, he enjoys lying in a couch imagining pictures to move as he read through his mangas and fiction books.

For Zadkiel Flores Velasquez (Zad), life is full of untouched adventures, and wanting to experience them makes living more exhilarating. Because of this, travelling the world  and trying out new things are what he really enjoys. He also loves the art and expresses it through graphic design. While he values academics, he found it challenging yet exciting to juggle it with work in student organizations and student council during his undergraduate days. During his free time, he attains to be fit through playing volleyball or badminton, or swimming.

Last but not the least, as quiet and serious as he may seem outside, Joram Nelson Parras Vivo II (Joram) is actually one of the easiest persons to talk to once you get to know him. Despite having a chill and laid back personality, he is an Untouchable who likes taking on new roles and challenges that will help him grow and improve. Listening to classical music, watching classic movies and series, and playing table tennis with family keep him occupied when free from the academic workload. With the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead, Joram will be the last to lose his calm as he knows how to work hard, keeping the eyes set on the goal, but never forgetting to enjoy life every once in a while.

Persistence, commitment, and grit define every Untouchable. Per Ardua ad Alta sums the conglomeration of every entity of wisdom and skill promoted by each Untouchable. Through all the hardships, tribulations and successes along the way, greater heights are achieved: a challenge the Untouchables are ready to venture in the name of  the venerable Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity.


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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