Brotherhood is a concept that has long existed in the history of mankind. Tribal men hunt in solidarity for sustenance of their tribe. Knights rely on each other to protect their kingdom from invaders. Military soldiers, as a single unit, defend countries in times of war. A Fraternity, though made for an entirely different purpose, is grounded under the same underlying principle of brotherhood. One that allows an individual to put his brother first at all times. One that bonds all brothers, no matter the distance between them. One that each brother will carry to his grave.

Every year, the Phi Kappa Mu holds an Induction Ball to rekindle the bonds of brotherhood. Held June 10, 2017, this year’s Ball had a Roman theme and was entitled Imperium, which means “absolute power” in Latin. The ball had three segments: Legion, Triumph, and Ascent, all of which were named based on the events that occurred in each. The first part, Legion, saw the induction of the newest members of the Fraternity. The next part, Triumph, involved the recognition of the Golden and Silver Jubilarians, as well as the graduating interns. Finally, Ascent facilitated the turnover of the mantles of leadership from the outgoing to the incoming members of the Executive Council.


The legion is the largest unit of the Roman army. It represents the newest Brods in the Fraternity, Phi Batch 2017, Juggernauts, thus the name of the segment. As with any other formal event, the programme started off with an invocation, the Catholic prayer led by Brod Jeune Keith Galicia Mabanag Φ2017, and the Muslim prayer led by Brod Safrollah Muti Guinal Φ2017. This was followed by an inspirational message from the outgoing Superior Exemplar, Brod John Harvey Monzon Beza Φ2012 SE 2016-2017, which highlighted the importance of Brotherhood in the Fraternity. Dinner soon followed, with Brods and guests enjoying the scrumptious buffet hand-picked by members of the Juggernauts.

The programme resumed with a few words about Phi’s flagship project, Project HERO, from the outgoing Senior Guardian of the Temple, Brod John Albert Amante Gonzales Φ2014. This was followed by a tribute to the Brods who passed away in the previous year, namely Brods Tierry Fernandez Trijo Garcia Φ1937, Romeo Estrellado Estrellado Φ1948, Mariano Vinluan Dela Cruz, Jr, Φ1949, Bayani Villarin Baylon Φ1951, Antonio Braganza Doneza, Φ1954, Santurino Mercado Reyes Φ1954, Cesar Romeo Estoye Phi 1957, Ernesto Castaneda Resurrecion Φ 1960, and George C. Barrios Φ1964.

A short speech from the Brother Prior of Phi Batch 2017, Juggernauts, Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal, Jr. Φ2014 was next and immediately preceded the much-awaited induction rites. The newly inducted Brods included Brods Alfonso Rafael Goseco Abaya Φ2017, Armando Espiritu Chiong III Φ2017, Jose Joachim Gloria Cruz Φ 2017, Christian Jirard Zara Custodio Φ2017, Christopher Rey Lagaya Estrada Φ2017, Andro Jibreel Macao Fernandez Φ2017, Manuel Angelo Terania Grino Φ2017, Safrollah Muti Guinal Φ2017, Jian Kenzo Ong Leal Φ2017, Jeune Keith Galicia Mabanag Φ2017, Gabriel Paulo Candongo Orosco Φ2017, Raphael Angelo Enriquez Quevedo Φ2017, David Pamintuan Serrano Φ2017, and Jose Mayo Villanueva Viray Φ2017.


Triumph, the second part of the program, celebrated the triumph of the Golden and Silver Jubilarians in their 50 and 25 years of stay in the Fraternity, respectively, as well as that of the graduating interns over the battleground that is the UP College of Medicine. It started with a speech from the Batch Leader of Phi Batch 2017, Juggernauts, Brod Alfonso Rafael Goseco Abaya Φ2017 in which he inspired his batchmates to continue giving their best in the remainder of their stay in the Fraternity. The Golden Jubilarians, Phi Batch 1966, The Sexy Sixty Six, were then recognized with plaques of recognition.

Members of this batch include Brods Solomon Go Apostol Φ1966, Francisco Ylanan Belizario Φ1966, Abas Amag Candao Φ1966, Elmer Atienza Carasig Φ1966, MacArthur Abique Elayda Φ1966, Monchito Camahalan Entena Φ1966, Johnny Yee Fong Φ1966, Leonardo Principe Gonzales† Φ1966, Jesus Isabelo Martinez Φ1966, Armando Bernabe Mata Φ1966, Herbert Hernandez Miranda† Φ1966 SE 1970-1971, Benjamin de las Alas Mojica, Jr. Φ1966, Manuel Juanico Posecion Φ1966, Edmundo Avila Somoza Φ1966, Domingo de Jesus Tablan Φ1966, Edwin Ladja Tan Φ1966, Jose Victorino Rodriguez Teleron, Jr. Φ1966, Jose Ritzi Manigque Tiongco Φ1966, and Manuel Villaruel Villafranca Φ1966.

Next up was the awarding of the Silver Jubilarians, Phi Batch 1991, Siyampoy, after their 25 years in the Fraternity. Members of Siyampoy include Brods Karlos Noel Rojas Aleta Φ1991, Christopher Malorre Enriquez Calaquian Φ1991, Alfredo Dela Torre Calendacion, Jr. Φ1991, Dan Eugene Edward Garcia Calleja Φ1991, Constantino Tocong Castillo III Φ1991 SE 1995-1996, Donald Daniel Samson De Padua Φ1991 SE 1996-1997, Mitchell Dupla Duterte Φ1991, Andro Jesus Hipolito Fernandez Φ1991, and Alejandro Stagg Saranglao, Jr. Φ1991.



The interns were awarded next after receiving speeches from their respective Brother Priors. Brod Jon Paolo Sandico Pineda Φ2008B was unable to attend, unfortunately, so in his place, Brod Dax Carlo Go Pascano Φ2006 read the messages for the graduating members of Phi Batch 2011, Ocho Pa. This included Brods Mark Joseph Mendoza Abaca Φ2011 and John Carlo Bernal Reyes Φ2011, both of whom are under the MD-PhD program.

Brod Dennis Raymond Leoncio Sacdalan Φ2010 then read his own message for Phi Batch 2012, Extra D’yiz, which includes Brods Francis Louie Malabanan Alcachupas Φ2012, Jose Nicolo Domingo Antonio Φ2012, Jose Joaquin Herrera Arroyo Φ2012, John Harvey Monzon Beza Φ2012 SE 2016-2017, Javier Miguel Dela Cruz Cabatan Φ2012, Jose Jaime Lorenzo Claudio De Rivera Φ2012, Jairus Adrian Ramos Flores Φ2012, Vincent Elvin Tabamo Garduce Φ2012, Ryle Siegfrid Ong Lee Φ2012, Angelo Maria Mendoza Salonga Φ2012, and Timothy Carl Francisco Uy Φ2012.

Brod Jojiemar Salonga De Pano, Φ2011 SE 2015-2016 was also unable to attend, unfortunately, so in his place, Brod Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013 read his letter to the graduating intern of Phi Batch 2013, Eightieths, Brod Al Joseph Rodriguez Molina Φ2013.


The final part of the programme, Ascent, gave witness to the ascent of the incoming Executive Council members into power. It involved the turning over of the mantle of leadership from the outgoing Executive Council, which included Brod John Harvey Monzon Beza Φ2012 SE 2016-2017 as Superior Exemplar, Brod Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013 as Vice Superior Exemplar, Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal, Jr Φ2014 as Brother Prior, Brod Jon Bryan Santiago Tiosin Φ2013 as Standard Bearer, Brod Mark Jason Dela Cruz Milan Φ2013 as Venerable Preceptor, Brod Edmond Rodiel Bries Φ2014 as Brother Custodian, Brod Julian Que Arguilla Φ2013, Brod John Albert Amante Gonzales Φ2014 as Senior Guardian of the Temple, Brod Frinz Moey Caunes Rubio Φ2015 as Brother Recorder, and Brod Angelo Riel Camacho Limbo Φ2015 as Junior Guardian of the Temple.

It was turned over to the incoming Executive Council, which included Brod Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas Φ2013 SE 2017-2018 as Superior Exemplar, Brod Edmond Rodiel Bries Φ2014 as Vice Superior Exemplar, Brod Regalado Isagani Legaspi Jose Φ2015 as Brother Prior, Brod Frinz Moey Caunes Rubio Φ2015 as Standard Bearer, Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal, Jr. Φ2014 as Venerable Preceptor, Brod Victor Cesar Inciong Ubaldo Φ2015 as Brother Custodian, Brod Niel Benjamin dela Torre Kho Φ2015 as Brother Scribe, Brod Edroico Mari Beltran Brillante Φ2015 as Senior Guardian of the Temple, Brod Manuel Angelo Terania Grino Φ2017 as Brother Recorder, and Brod Jose Mayo Villanueva Viray Φ2017 as Junior Guardian of the Temple, as well as the recitation of their oaths for office.


Brod Gerardo Dizon Legaspi Φ1983 then gave an inspirational message about the current status of Brods and Sisses in Philippine General Hospital, which was followed by the batch surprise of Phi Batch 2017, Juggernauts. It involved the distribution of vouchers from one of the Ball’s sponsors, Island Cove Hotel, and four of the Roman sword centerpieces to lucky Brods. Brods Miguel Enrico Santos Acuin Φ2013 and John Albert Amante Gonzales Φ2013 won the vouchers, while Brods John Harvey Monzon Beza Φ2012 SE 2016-2017, Jon Bryan Santiago Tiosin Φ2013, Brod Romeo Pilotin Ariniego Φ1967, and Brod Renan Bince Abellera Φ1984B won the centerpieces.

 The incoming Venerable Preceptor, Brod Manuel Sabalo Vidal, Jr. Φ2014, acknowledged the presence of all the attending alumni, which included Brods Cipriano Renato Perel Abaya, Jr. Φ1950, Felipe Belen Sese Φ1954 SE 1959-1960, Manuel Juanico Posecion Φ1966, Jose Ritzi Manigque Tiongco Φ1966, Romeo Pilotin Ariniego Φ1967, Venancio Petate Garduce, Jr. Φ1967, Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976, Cesar Corpuz Ubaldo Φ1976, Pio Renato Figer Villacorta Φ1977, Jack Domingo Gonzales Arroyo, Jr. Φ1979, Armando Martinez Chiong, Jr. Φ1980, Henry Costa Costa Φ1980, Edgar Vinluan Estrada Φ1980, Antonio Roberto Marave Abaya Φ1981, Vicente Ylanan Belizario Jr. Φ1981, Nelson Tibayan Sese Φ1981, Laurence Tan Loh Φ1984A, Renan Bince Abellera Φ1984B, Jose Ma. Pascual Dionisio Bautista Φ1984B, Albert Castillo Mamaril Φ1984B, Enrico Gil Cruz Oblepias Φ1984B, Fernandino Jose Ang Fontanilla Φ1986, Jubert Pasion Benedicto Φ1987, Jesse Noel Vargas Conjares Φ1987, Jose Joven Valenzuela Cruz Φ1987, Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, Aldwin Alfonso Yaneza Φ1989A, Carlo Gene Salva Ynion Φ1989A, Adrian Peter Erfe Desquitado Φ1989B SE 1993-1994, Karlos Noel Rojas Aleta Φ1991, Christopher Malorre Enriquez Calaquian Φ1991, Alfredo Dela Torre Calendacion, Jr. Φ1991, Donald Daniel Samson De Padua Φ1991 SE 1996-1997, Constantino Tocong Castillo III Φ1991 SE 1995-1996, Andro Jesus Hipolito Fernandez Φ1991, Juan Antonio Maximiano Regalado Escano Φ1992, Romeo Jalbuena Encanto Φ1997, Eduard Malaca Alfanta Φ1998, Ronald Cabantog Añosa Φ2003, Redentor Caesar Go Gonzales Φ2003, Dax Carlo Go Pascasio Φ2006, Pocholo Iñigo Bleza Morales Φ2009, and Dennis Raymond Leoncio Sacdalan Φ2010.

The concluding remarks soon followed, which was delivered by the incoming Superior Exemplar, Brod Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas Φ2013 SE 2017-2018. Finally, as with all events of the Phi Kappa Mu, the Ball ended with the Fraternity song being sung; a perfect way to end a night of rekindled Brotherhood.


Three cheers to our overall heads Edmond Rodiel Bries Φ2014, Frinz Moey Caunes Rubio Φ2014, and Alfonso Rafael Goseco Abaya Φ2017!

All for PHI!


Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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