On the evening of December 17, 2013, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine celebrated its 80th Founding Anniversary at the Manila Polo Club with a formal ball entitled “Semper Phi”.

Manila Polo Club in black and gold

The Manila Polo Club was very vividly decorated. A six-foot, seven-cornered sunburst, the Fraternity’s insignia, stood at the lobby to welcome the Select Few. Rolls of black linen ran against the hallowed halls’ high ceilings, while banners bearing the Seal filled the spaces in between. The tables and chairs were wrapped with the elegant colors of gold and black. One is reminded of a royal banquet – a feast gathering the most noble of knights, the most loyal of Sons. The Spirit of 1933 filled the air. It was the 80th anniversary of the Fraternity of the College of Medicine.

Situated at the farthest end of the hall is a large LED screen, with two long banners bearing the Seal and the 80th Year Logo bordering it.


The tables and chairs, too, were dressed in black and gold. At the center of each table was a box with each side revealing a unique metallic badge (an old Fraternity Seal circa 1940s, the present Fraternity Seal, the Semper Phi logo and the 80th Year Logo). Inside it is a miniature pyre with a lit candle and firewood – an apt match between the Fraternity’s storied tradition and the flame of brotherhood.

The elegance, exclusivity and storied tradition of the Manila Polo Club made it an excellent venue for a landmark occasion of the similarly celebrated Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity.

The venue began to fill up at half an hour past 6 in the evening. Brods from all over the world flew over to heed the call to gather at the Polo Club. Brods Nelson de Lara of Baltimore, Maryland and Ellewelyn Gueco Pasion, both from Phi Batch 1964, were the first in attendance. Soon after, everyone seemed to have followed their lead as cars came rolling one after the other.

Brotherhood is a feast


Dinner welcomed the night. Manila Polo Club served freshly prepared dishes. To the surprise of most, a brod brought over lechong baboy while Phi Batch 1976 each contributed to serve lechong baka, as in the fraternity gatherings of old, which satisfied everyone’s cravings. Beers were endlessly served from a tap and corks repeatedly popped from wine bottles, for what is a Phi gathering without booze?


All these were shared over cheers and laughter. Brods hopped from one table to the next, eager to meet one another and share unforgettable stories of years past. One huddle would discuss the latest innovations in their respective practices, while another laughed about the yesteryears, or how one was able to establish his career in an unfamiliar land. In the heat of the conversation, the lights began to dim to a reddish hue.

The program was about to start.

Eight decades of Phi Kappa Mu


All rose as the invocation in two faiths was led by Brods Abdel Hadi Malali Mohammad Isa Φ2010 and Kevin Romeo Sangel Lucas Φ2013.

All eyes were set on the huge screen on-stage. A picture of the thirty-five young and ambitious Founding Fathers appeared. A light casted upon the podium where Brod Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976, the newly appointed president of the Phi Kappa Mu Alumni Association, stood. He took the mic and began to tell the story of the birth of what would become the Most Venerable Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine.


The history of the Fraternity unfolded that night. A narrative was told for each of the eight decades of the Fraternity. Everyone felt that they were part of it -- a part of something big. Brod Fernando Basilio Florendo Piedad Φ1954, founder of the Phi Kappa Mu Alumni Association and one of the pioneering Filipino internists, replaced Brod Gil under the spotlight. His story was that of his time – how brods enjoyed (and excelled) back then during the aftermath of the Japanese invasion. Thereafter, Brod Martin Jalon Dela Rosa II Φ1963 SE 1966-1967 narrated his account of the 1950s. The next tale was that of the Fraternity in the 1960’s, as narrated by Brod Eugenio Acevedo Picazo Φ1957. Beaming was his pride as he recalled how Brod George Barrios made his way to the top of the class (and graduate as a magna cum laude from the College of Medicine) despite watching jai alai games the night before exams! Brod Benjamin Avelino Medalla Abela, Jr. Φ1979B SE 1982-1983 brought the audience back to the 1970s which saw the founding of PAGKALMA and the growth of the Fraternity’s thrust towards service and social relevance. Brod Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, known to many as the Fraternity’s historian, shared a comprehensive account of the Fraternity’s involvement in the administration of the Philippine General Hospital and UP College of Medicine. Brod Constantino Tocong Castillo III Φ1991 SE 1995-1996 related how under his tenure as a young member of the Fraternity the dawn of new technology only helped in preserving the bonds among brothers and celebrating the achievements of the Fraternity. David Vincent Jimenez Antonio Φ2000 summarized the Fraternity in the 21st century, highlighted by the various nationwide flagship projects initiated and the numerous awards and potential that the Fraternity has realized.


Images and sounds

Lights then dimmed, surrounding the hall in complete darkness. The sound of trumpets and drums filled the air as the Phi Story was ended. An audiovisual presentation masterfully crafted by Brod Kurt Roland Alfonso Asperas Φ2010 played thereafter which had everyone at the edge of their seats. The video featured the Fraternity’s luminaries, its principles and traditions, its mission and its vision, its many achievements throughout the years -- all surprisingly summed up in a little less than five minutes. Soon after, a recap of the numerous activities that the Fraternity has engaged in celebration of its 80th year was flashed. The audiovisual artistry supported by the LED screen and the professional sounds provided by the venue left everyone with goosebumps.


Timeless music

 Carrying on the musical tradition initiated by Brods Herminio Tolentino Velarde, Jr. Φ1937 SE 1941-1942 and Cesar F. Villafuerte, Sr. Φ1937, composers of the Fraternity Song (the latter of which also formed the UP College of Medicine Hymn), the Phi Kappa Mu has delivered excellent musical performances through the Phi Band. Members of the present band including John Carlo Bernal Reyes Φ2011 (bass guitar), Francis Louis Malabanan Alcachupas Φ2012 (vocals and keyboards), Jasper Paolo Ramos Viloria Φ2013 (vocals), Dominic Leandro Fernandez Milla Φ2013 (rhythm guitar), John Vincent Usita Magalong Φ2013 (vocals), Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013 (lead guitar) and Ryuichi Peralta Nakamura Φ2013 (drums) were joined by brods Ellewelyn Gueco Pasion Φ1964 (vocals), Ronaldo Aspillaga Paraan Φ1973 (flute) and Gerardo Dizon Legaspi Φ1983 (saxophone) in performing Elvis Presley’s hits “Hound Dog” and “Blue Suede Shoes”, as well as modern singles “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 and “Ordinary People” by John Legend.


“Tatak Phi”

What is it that sets a Phi apart from other students, physicians? What makes a brod stand out above the rest? These are the questions posed, and answered rather abundantly by a video prepared by Brod Ryuichi Peralta Nakamura Φ2013 featuring brods of different generations, specializations and locations, answering the questions in different but surprisingly coherent ways.

The hosts of the night were the first to answer to the question “Ano ang Tatak Phi?” Brods Jose Jonas Dino Del Rosario Φ1986 and Jose Anthony Querubin Jocson Φ1986, two of the trio known as Anim na Itlog to most College of Medicine alumni, along with Brods Angelo Maria Mendoza Salonga Φ2012 and Van Euldem Diaz Battad Φ2013 contributed to their pool of words before going around the venue to ask those present.


Brod Ramon Fabella Abarquez Φ1948, eminent cardiologist and national scientist, who was among the most senior brods present, voluntarily mentioned about the Fraternity’s respect for elder brothers despite the horizontal brotherhood he religiously extends, to which two Directors of the Philippine General Hospital, Brods Felipe Aquino Estrella Φ1950 and Jose Castillo Gonzales Φ 1969A, agreed. Brod Teodoro Javier Herbosa Φ1979, current Department of Health Undersecretary, was able to impart to the guests a cherished tradition of the brotherhood in his response: “(That) all my great mentors are also my brods, and all my juniors who will achieve greater heights than my mentors!”

Being a Phi is indeed what it is and always shall be – a tradition of excellence, leadership, service and brotherhood that has been passed on from one generation to the next which was started by thirty-five ambitious men in 1933.

Eightieth year projects

Vice Superior Exemplar Mark Terence Pua Mujer Φ2010 then went up to stage to present to the Fraternity the flagship projects that placed an exclamation point to the Fraternity’s celebration of its Oak Anniversary. This was accompanied by a video slideshow prepared by Brother Recorder Ryle Siegfrid Ong Li Φ2012.

In celebration of the 80th year of the Fraternity, the Resident Body introduced four new projects to the already generous lineup of activities that the brods regularly hold. Early in January, the Fraternity headed by the late Brod Kenneth Roy Perez Mendoza Φ2010 started the Empowerment Through Mobility Run, a fun race aimed at raising both awareness about our differently-abled countrymen and funds to further improve and expand the already vast scope of the flagship wheelchair distribution project Empowerment Through Mobility. The Great Phi Cup in Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club teed off the flagship service projects of the Fraternity. The UP Manila Phi House Dormitory, a donation of Phi to its home university, is expected to house the students who will be future leaders of the country. The Phi Kappa Mu Gawad Kalinga Village was also completed in 2013, and the Fraternity has already commenced in helping them grow independently through community sustainability programs and initiatives.

The landmark projects Empowerment Through Mobility and Operating Room Assistance (OpeRA) Project that were both initiated in the Fraternity’s Diamond Year has also been expanded to reach and extend help to more Filipinos.

Outstanding Phi


As a medical fraternity envisioned to be a bastion of excellence in diverse fields, the Phi Kappa Mu introduced the Outstanding Phi Award to recognize the brods who have both lived the Fraternity’s virtues and became more than exemplars in their careers in terms of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood. The award was a brainchild of the present Executive Council and Alumni Association headed by Brod Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976.

The first batch of Outstanding Phi Awardees were: Ramon Fabella Abarquez, Jr. Φ1948 (Excellence), Felipe Aquino Estrella Φ1950 (Leadership), Augusto D. Litonjua Φ1952 SE 1955-1956 (Excellence, received by his son Brod Augusto Maria Ampil Litonjua Φ1982A SE 1985-1986), Enrique Tangonan Ona, Jr. (Service, received by Brod Teodoro Javier Herbosa Φ1979), and Manuel Bautista Agulsto Φ1969A (Leadership). The Phi Kappa Mu International, Inc. was also given the Plaque of Recognition, received by former Phi International President and current UP Medical Alumni Society in America President Silverio Buenafe Cabellon Φ1967 SE 1971-1972.

More about the Outsanding Phi Awards here.

In whatever lands we meet


A very familiar tune played from the saxophone of Brod Gerardo Dizon Legaspi Φ1983. The Fraternity Song accompanied a tribute video to honor the thirty-five brods who have passed away since 2008. They are the following: Emilio G. Horrileno Φ1937, Carlos V. Tanbonliong Φ1942, Napoleon Encarnacion Manzo Φ1945, Antonio Q. Paraiso Φ1945, Atilano Pascua Batista Φ1946, Benigno S. Aldana Jr., Φ1949, Crisostomo A. Arcilla, Sr. Φ1949 SE 1953-1954, Alendry P. Caviles, Jr. Φ1949, Aquilinio B. Esguerra Φ1949, Vicente Sipin Verzosa, Jr. Φ1950, Andres R. Bugnosen Φ1951, Vicente Nebres Yap Tanchuling Φ1951, Eufemio Vera Macalalag Jr Φ1953, Benigno Ferrer Agbayani, Sr. Φ1954 SE 1959-1960, Gregorio B. Patacsil, Jr. Φ1954, Leopoldo C. Santiago Φ1954, Adolf Doria Orina Φ1957, Dante Corneja Prieto, Jr Φ1958, Ernani Buzon de Guzman Φ1959, Glocrito Guerrero Sagisi Φ1959, Teofilo Otilla Odulio Φ1962, Ruben A. Padre Φ1962, Johnny Aliac Brawner Φ1963, Jose Ferrer Laceste Φ1963, Siegfredo Monses Nadela Φ1963, Michael Jamias Liquete Φ1967, Manuel Carlos Tan, Jr. Φ1968, Mario Ballesteros Geronilla Φ1969B, Fidel Shane Pastrana Burgos Φ1981 SE 1983-1984, Ted Jusay Suaco Φ2001, and Kenneth Roy Perez Mendoza Φ2010.

The Spirit of 1933

Outside the glass doors was a serene landscape. The stony platform extends to stair steps down to the turf-laden six-hectare land. The full moon lit up the grass and shined through the haze of Metro Manila air to give a crisp view of the famous Makati skyline. The wind was still, as if giving way for the flames to flicker in the torch standing ten-feet tall in the middle of about two hundred men standing arm-in-arm in a near-perfect circle. In the long history of the Club, there were probably hundreds of thousands of men who have stood in this hall and walked and even ran in these steps. But, on this night, there was only the Fraternity.

At the center of the circle, almost below the towering torch, stood Superior Exemplar Jose Antonio Tan Paulino Φ2009, Phi Kappa Mu Alumni Association President Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976 and Vice Superior Exemplar Mark Terence Pua Mujer Φ2010. Beside them were the pillars of the Fraternity representing the eight decades of the Brotherhood, starting from the most senior brod Jose Santiago Eustaquio, Jr. Φ1937 to Brods Fernando Basilio Florendo Piedad Φ1954, Eugenio Acevedo Picazo Φ1957, Martin Jalon Dela Rosa II Φ1963 SE 1966-1967, Benjamin Avelino Medalla Abela, Jr. Φ1979B SE 1982-1983, Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, Constantino Tocong Castillo III Φ1991 SE 1995-1996, David Vincent Jimenez Antonio Φ2000 and the youngest member of the Fold, Brod Jon Bryan Santiago Tiosin Φ2013.

The Flames of 1933 descended from the torch, lit up the candle of Brod Peping Eustaquio down to that of Brod Jon Tiosin, and those of every brod present, reminiscent of the storied PHI tradition being continued on until eternity.

“Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, good evening,” the Superior Exemplar began. “It is indeed a momentous occasion, this passing of the torch.”

“The seemingly unending darkness can be filled by one spark of light. From this one spark that glowed with life back in 1933, the fire which is the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Mu has come to fruition and still burns brilliantly, today, in 2013. What started with 35 charter members has grown to over a thousand strong, all standing in pride under the seven-cornered sunburst. Individuals who were once strangers became, through this spark, friends and brothers, loyal sons alike.”

The renewal of vows to the Fraternity under the moonlit sky around the ceremonial pyre was very memorable for everyone, evocative of familiar memories and emotions. To cap it all off, the Fraternity Song was sung twice to the tone of hundreds of tenors and basses, resonating in the previously silent atmosphere.

Arm to arm, all brods raised their hands and, with brimming pride, shouted, “Rise O Loyal Sons and cheer for Phi Kappa Mu!”

Phi International

Technology only has strengthened the brotherhood. The introduction of the internet sparked the rekindling of brotherly ties in the early 2000s. Tonight, the momentous occasion was made available to anyone around the world. The entire event was broadcasted online via live streaming for the brods who were not able to make it to the night’s affair.

In concurrence with the Ball happening in Makati, brods from various places all over the world banded together to celebrate the occasion. Brods Emmanuel Alina Lat Φ1968 hosted Brods Florinio Hernandez Bernabe Φ1961, Billy Sana Kong Φ1969A and Darfrente Tuason Nibungco, Jr. Φ1971 (with their respective dates) to his residence in Orlando, Florida at 8 in the morning on the same date, who were able to watch the Anniversary Ball via livestream. Brods Francisco Ylanan Belizario Φ1966, Dubert Medina Guerrero Φ1997 and Brian Imbao Malte Φ2003 had their simple celebration at Fargo, North Dakota, while Brods Francisco P. Yuviencio Φ1964,  Marcelito Custodio Φ1966, Winston Caraos Umali Φ1989B, Hubert Ladringan Labio Φ1996B, Walter Valdevilla Laurel Φ2003, and Martin Miguel Inocencio Amor Φ2004A braved the snowstorm in New Jersey three days earlier for the Fraternity’s 80th year.

“Semper Phi”

“Always faithful.” This is the translation of the famous motto of the US Marines, “Semper Fi” or “Semper Fidelis”, which speaks of loyalty to one another, to their country and to the mission at hand, no matter what. The adoption and slight modification to “Semper Phi” was begun years ago as a salutation among brothers of Phi Kappa Mu, a sign-out to written messages or a welcoming gesture for that same, surprisingly apt message. It serves as a constant reminder to the commitment a brod done years ago, of being a “Phi forever”. There could have not been any better theme for this year’s festivities.


The Loyal Sons in attendance were: Jose Santiago Eustaquio, Jr. Φ1937, Ponciano Domingo Manalo Φ1945, Ramon Fabella Abarquez, Jr. Φ1948, Isidro E. Dungo Φ1948, Felipe Aquino Estrella, Jr. Φ1950, Benito Rances Reverente, Jr. Φ1950, Fernando Basillo Florendo Piedad Φ1954, Eugenio Acevedo Picazo Φ1957, Napoleon Medina Apolinario Φ1963, Martin Jalon Dela Rosa II  Φ1963 SE 1966-1967, Nelson Reyes de Lara Φ1964, Ellewellyn Gueco Pasion Φ1964, Orlantino G. Dyoco Φ1964, Manuel Garces Dee Φ1965, Eugenio Andrada Pulmano Φ1965, Gonzalo Carino Robles, Jr. Φ1965, Elmer Atienza Carasig Φ1966, Manuel Juanico Posecion Φ1966, Jose Ritzi Manigque Tiongco Φ1966, Romeo Pilotin Ariniego Φ1967, Silverio Buenafe Cabellon, Jr. Φ1967 SE 1971-1972, Manuel Tan Chua Chiaco, Jr. Φ1967, Jose De Veyra Cruz, Jr. Φ1967, Benedicto Laluces Asa Φ1968, Manuel Bautista Agulto Φ1969A, Jose Castillo Gonzales Φ1969A, Jesus Guinto Cabrera Φ1971, Daniel Go Kaw Φ1971, Benjamin Dormitorio Legada Φ1971, Benjamin Diestro Pajaro Φ1971, Espiridion Rufo Reyes Φ1971, Ernesto Cruz Tan Φ1971, Angel Antonio Estrella Φ1972, Generoso Deloso Torres Φ1972, Zenaides Tactay Wi Φ1972 SE 1975-1976, Ronaldo Aspillaga Paraan Φ1973, David Mequi Cabatan, Jr. Φ1976, Roberto Paras Cabugao, Jr. Φ1976, Venancio Petate Garduce, Jr. Φ1976, Jose Senoi Gumayan Gulmatico Φ1976, Pablo Jacinto Florencio Lazatin III Φ1976, Gil Martinez Vicente Φ1976, Abdel Jeffri Abubakar Abdulla Φ1977, Victorio Laurente Naranjo Cajita Φ1977, Raul Dalmacio Cruz Φ1977, Ruben Sales Escuro Φ1977, Ramon Salva Guerra , Jr. Φ1977, Sukarno Hasim Hadji Socor Φ1977, Teofilo Moses Verde Ramos, Jr. Φ1977, William Honorato Eclar Romero Φ1977, Bernardo Dimacali Dimacali Φ1978, Teodoro Kintanar Gonzales Φ1978, Enrico Pamintuan Ragaza Φ1978, Jose Magallon Acuin Φ1979, Jack Domingo Gonzales Arroyo, Jr. Φ1979, Teodoro Javier Herbosa  Φ1979, Axel Adolfo Ares Sucalit Φ1979, Benjamin Avelino Medalla Abela Jr. Φ1979B SE 1982-1983, Rodolfo Jose Vitug Abalos, Jr. Φ1980, Noel De Jesus Atienza Φ1980, Peter Bautista Bernardo Φ1980, Armando Martinez Chiong, Jr. Φ1980, Renato Trota Jose Φ1980, Edwin Chiong Reyes Φ1980, Jerome Chen Young Φ1980, Antonio Roberto Marave Abaya Φ1981, Dennis Tolentino Bautista Φ1981, Vicente Ylanan Belizario Φ1981, Francisco Catibayan Manalo Φ1981, Gerardo Rasay Lahoz Φ1982A, Eric Dennis Cu Legaspi Φ1982A, Augusto Maria Ampil Litonjua Φ1982A SE 1985-1986, Chuck Stephen Garcia Mangubat Φ1982A, Virgilio Mison Novero, Jr. Φ1982A, Rolando Asuncion Padre Φ1982A, Rodolfo Mangubat Ramos, Jr. Φ1982A, Ramon Ragasa Reynoso III Φ1982A, Francisco Tupasi Valenzuela, Jr. Φ1982A, Alfredo Vergara Vallesteros, Jr. Φ1982A, Manuel Patubo Yuhico, Jr. Φ1982B, Aris Luke Iguico Dungo Φ1983, Gerardo Dizon Legaspi Φ1983, Ramon Antonio Laserna Romero Φ1983, Januario Antonio Dolorico Veloso Φ1983, Alfredo Caasi Calado III Φ1984A, Jose Ma. Pascual Dionisio Bautista Φ1984B, Juancho Francisco Catibayan Remulla Φ1984B SE 1988-1989, Dennis Pestano Serrano Φ1984B, Jose Jonas Diño Del Rosario Φ1986, Fernandino Jose Ang Fontanilla Φ1986, Jose Anthony Querubin Jocson Φ1986, Gary John Vergel De Dios Mercado Φ1986, Carlos Ramon Nable Torres Φ1986, Jesse Noel Vargas Conjares Φ1987, Jose Joven Valenzuela Cruz Φ1987, Orville Cortez Ocampo Φ1987, Aldwin Alfonso Yaneza Φ1989A, Cesar Joseph Curameng Gloria Φ1990B, Ronald Antonio Santos Reodica Φ1990B, Karlos Noel Rojas Aleta Φ1991, Constantino Tocong Castillo III Φ1991 SE 1995-1996, Donald Daniel Samson De Padua Φ1991 SE 1996-1997, Andro Jesus Hipolito Fernandez Φ1991, Arvin Von Guce Briones Φ1992, Juan Antonio Maximiano Regalado Escano Φ1992, Marlon Obtial Lajo Φ1993, Marlon Belardo Marquina Φ1995A, Christopher Christian Pansacola Aro Φ1995B, Harold Louis Esguerra Trinidad Φ1995B, Romeo Jalbuena Encanto Φ1997, Emmanuel Silva Prudente Φ1997, Christopher Quiambao Victorio Φ1997 SE 2001-2002, Eduard Malaca Alfanta Φ1998, David Vincent Jimenez Antonio Φ2000, Enrico Paolo Chiong Banzuela Φ2000, Richmond Go Ocao Chang Φ2000, Dennis Roland Solis Lopez Φ2000, John-Christian Sabas Lagbao Aniban Φ2002, Bjorn Malabuyoc Molinyawe Φ2002, Ronald Cabantog Añosa Φ2003, Ronnie Enriquez Baticulon Φ2003, Alison Eugenio Gocotano Φ2003, Julius Ruaya Migriño, Jr. Φ2003, Oliver Bryan Sy Oliva Φ2003, Eric Baldivino Yasay Φ2003, Jason Rafael Aspuria Maddumba Φ2004B, John Paul Emerson Serrato Marinas Φ2004B, John David Blanco Mata Φ2004B, Gerald Marion Maramag Abesamis Φ2005, Alvin Christopher Sy Chu Φ2005, Bayani Soriño Pasco, Jr. Φ2005 SE 2009-2010, Alvin Anthony Patricio Anastacio Φ2006, Jaifred Christian Felicilda Lopez Φ2006, Ryan Siapno Torres Φ2006, John Michael Paraiso Baking Φ2007, Dante Barbado Salvador, Jr. Φ2007, Jon Jefferson Calinao Novero Φ2007, Antonio Miguel Padilla dela Paz Φ2008B SE 2012-2013, Rodolfo Uy Fernandez III Φ2008B, John Faustine Danan Gutierrez Φ2008B, Ardynne Martin Corcelles Mallari Φ2008B, John Michael Torricer Mendoza Φ2008B, Abdelsimar Tan Omar II Φ2008B, and Joshua Anton Ostoy Yabut Φ2008B.

Towards a century

Almost everybody who had attended went ahead by the time the clock struck eleven. The few who remained wrapped up their conversations. Some were still busy on the dance floor with their dates. Brod Gonzalo Cariño Robles, Jr. Φ1965 delivered a few more songs for everyone to sing and dance to.

Everybody left in high spirits, thankful for the momentous night that was and at the same time looking forward to an even grander celebration in two decades. The flames of brotherhood will continue to burn brightly until that day.

“For the past 80 years, the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity has been a guiding light for many men over scores of generations; a beacon of inspiration in a world of chaos,” exclaimed the Superior Exemplar. “We now have the great honor of ensuring that this light never dies, not by hiding it under a darkened bushel but by letting it shine in all its glory…

… and remaining forever loyal to all that it stands for.”



Established in August 1933 by the UP College of Medicine's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

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