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  • Semper Phi! Phi Kappa Mu 80th Anniversary Ball

    The Manila Polo Club was very vividly decorated. One is reminded of a royal banquet – a feast gathering the most noble of knights, the most loyal of Sons. The Spirit of 1933 filled the air. It was the 80th anniversary of the Fraternity of the College of Medicine. Read More
  • Phi Kappa Mu Honors First Set of Outstanding Phi Awardees

    True to the pillars by which it stands, the Fraternity has awarded five brods who have gone beyond the call of Excellence, Leadership and Service. Read More
  • PHI brods headline UPMAS Homecoming Ball 2013

    From this year's Golden Jubilarians to the most elder alumnus honored, and to this year's awardees, members of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity were very much present at the UPMAS Homecoming Ball 2013. Read More
  • PHI gives back to PGH through Only The Phinest 2013

    The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and the Phi Lambda Delta Sorority holds a variety show and gift giving activity to bring the holiday cheers to those who will be spending their Christmas and New Year's Days in the wards of PGH. Read More
  • Phi Batch 2013 proudly introduced at One Big Phi

    The Phi Kappa Mu and the Phi Lambda Delta proudly presents the newest members of their folds to the UP Manila community in One Big Phi 2013: Yield! Give In To The Beat! Read More
  • PHI takes first step towards PHI GK Village community empowerment

    Last November 24, 2013, the Fraternity held its first of many regular visits to the PHI Gawad Kalinga Village in fulfillment of its vision of community empowerment and sustainability. Read More
  • Introducing The Eightieths

    The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity proudly welcomes its newest batch of brothers - Phi Batch 2013 Eightieths! Read More
  • Dino Fontanilla Φ’86 is New Dean of SBCM

    Effective October 1, 2013, the San Beda College of Medicine will have its fourth PHI dean in Fernandino Jose Ang Fontanilla Φ1986. Read More
  • 14 Sons of Hippocrates take their oaths

    Last September 16, 2013, 14 brothers of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity took their Hippocratic Oaths to become licensed physicians. Read More
  • Phi Kappa Mu celebrates 80 years with Anniversary Dinner

    The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity celebrated its 80th anniversary last August 24, 2013 at MediCard Lifestyle Center in Makati City. Read More
  • PHI makes a stand, joins march against PDAF

    The Phi Kappa Mu joined the fight for the abolition of PDAF and the call for a higher funding for healthcare and for PGH. Read More
  • PHI offers mass for its 80th Anniversary celebration

    A celebration of the Holy Eucharist was offered by the Fraternity in gratitude for its 80 years of meaningful and selfless existence. Read More
  • Phi Kappa Mu hands over 26 houses to PHI Gawad Kalinga Village

    As the construction of houses were completed, the 26 houses that the Fraternity promised to the residents of the PHI GK Village were formally handed over last June 16, 2013. Read More
  • Prior's Stag 2013

    Brothers from all over gathered at Molly Malone's Irish Pub to formally introduce the Fraternity of the College of Medicine to the gentlemen of UPCM Class 2018. Read More
  • Billy Cabellon Φ'67 is UPMASA President

    The Presidency of the UP Medical Alumni Society in America (UPMASA) is passed on to another PHI in Brod Billy Cabellon '67 Read More
  • Romy Ariniego Φ’67 is PHA’s Most Distinguished Teacher

    The Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity is proud of its Loyal Son, Dr. Romeo Pilotin Ariniego, MD, FPCP, FPCC, Φ’67 who was recognized and accorded the Most Distinguished Teacher Award 2013 during the 44th Annual Convention of the Philippine Heart Association last May 29, 2013. Read More
  • PHI Summer Missions

    The PHI brods engage in medical and surgical missions during the summer, serving over 1600 patients from different localities in the country. Read More
  • PHI Residence Hall Groundbreaking

    Last December 15, 2012 the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity and Phi lambda Delta Sorority held a groundbreaking for the soon to rise PHI Residence Hall besides the main building of College of Allied medical Profession.  Read More
  • Empowerment Through Mobility 6: Circle of Hope

    Empowerment Through Mobility is an annual project of the Phi Kappa Mu Fraternity that started in 2007. It is organized as an effort to help indigent Filipinos who are in dire need of a wheelchair, and who desire to improve their lives despite their physical disabilities. Read More
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Established in August 1933 by the College's best medical students, the PHI KAPPA MU (Fraternity of the College of Medicine) continues to uphold its tested tradition of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in the College, University and in our country.

Through the Fraternity's ideals and pillars, her Loyal Sons continue to lead, innovate and excel in the practice of medicine worldwide and in preserving the honor and integrity of the medical profession.

Our Brothers

Flagship Projects


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